Test and evaluation facilities

30 world-class test lab and evaluation facilities

Sound Hub has approx. 30 world-class test lab facilities in-house to optimise your product or prototype.

We can offer you faster clarification in a coworking environment with access to excellent sound, craft and test facilities. Learn more about our Makerspace for startups, SME’s and corporates.

Sound labs

Test, measure, tune and listen in our state of the art sound test labs:

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EXAMPLE: The Cube 
Measure your speaker in one of the world's largest privately owned 360 degree free field electroacoustic measuring facilities; nick-named ‘The Cube.’ The Cube is 12x12x12 m and you can measure amplitude, phase, radiation, power response and sound pressure levels.
A speaker measuring chamber

Stress labs

Use our climate chambers, UV and sun aging chamber, vibration, bump and transport tests, to ensure the robustness of your product.

  • Climate tests
    • Big and small chamber (heat and humidity)
    • UV and sun aging test chamber
    • Ovens
  • Mechanical tests
    • Big and small drop testers
    • Bump tester
    • Big and small transportation test beds
    • Vibrator/shaker analyser
  • HALT chamber (= highly accelerated life test)

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EXAMPLE: Transportation test beds 
Don't underestimate the importance of conducting mechanical tests on transportation and whether your product can withstand being shipped.

Compliance labs

Use our facilities and accredited labs, to ensure your product is compliant with standards and requirements within radiation, immunity and safety.

Compliance tests are offered within the following areas:

  • Radiated emissions and immunity
  • Conducted emissions and immunity
  • Fast transients and surges
  • Electrostatic discharge
  • Mains harmonics, voltage dips and interruptions
  • High voltage: up to 5 kV AC and 6 kV DC
  • Encapsulation strength
  • Isolation’s resistance

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EXAMPLE: Accredited EMC lab 
Avoid unnecessary noise. Test of basic EMC standards such as radiated and conducted emissions and immunity, fast transients and surges, electrostatic discharge, mains harmonics, voltage dips and interruptions.
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