Corporate & SME

Join Sound Hub with your organisation and work with sound enthusiasts

Be part of a disruptive environment among international and highly skilled sound experts. You get access to advanced sound facilities and an extensive local workforce with specialised skills in sound and sound-related areas.

Meet with sound enthusiasts and talents from inspiring startups, cutting-edge tech specialists from industry-leading corporates or students and researchers from renowned universities.

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Tailored for Corporates & SME’s
Matchmaking community 
We facilitate matchmaking with the startups at Sound Hub. Creating interesting matches in skills/technology/business that could be complementary to your own.
A sound network 
In the Sound Hub you will be a part of a unique network within the international sound industry. Be familiar with Danish sound innovation and tradition for design thinking in particular, through the seminars and events organised at the hub.
International sound industry
Research & student projects 
Interact with students and researchers from universities on newest research and let us help you in establishing projects with students, researchers – or even participate in master classes on topics particularly relevant for you. Assistance on application for funding is also offered.
Projects with students
Collaborative workplace 
You have the option to join desks with our startups in the open coworking space or have the benefit of a private office; fitted for a designated team or the entire business. A project hotel for a temporary disruptive sound project can also be arranged.
Discount on access to Makerspace 
As a Sound Hub tenant, you are offered a 3-month introduction discount to the Makerspace facilities.
Maker Space facilities

Join and get access to

Coworking Space

Network and work with sound and audio professionals from startups, SMEs and corporates, students and researchers, investors and sponsors. Stimulate your sound innovation in a collaborative environment.

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Build your concept, prototype or product in our workshops, acquire supplementary skills from the nearby complementary craft cluster and test and evaluate in the unique test facilities together with leading specialists.

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Learning Space

Gain knowledge from co-workers, industry professionals, specialists and researchers. Enter mentor relations and upgrade your skills through training, seminars, courses, master classes and events.

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Join us 
Whether you are an established corporate entity or a SME still scaling its business there is a place for you at Sound Hub.
We love to talk!

One size fits all?

We don’t believe in that. Whether you are an established corporate entity or a SME still scaling your business; there is a place for you at Sound Hub and we’d love to start a conversation on how we can be of value to your business.

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