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All with an expressed interest in assisting and supporting the coworking companies and program participants of the hub in achieving their growth ambitions within the sound domain.

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Intellectual property

Patentgruppen’s expertise includes patents, utility models, designs, IP strategy, IP analysis, IP technology/business assessment, Freedom-to-Operate, budgeting for IP activities, filing strategy, technical IP assistance in litigation, and more.

They aim to assist clients in a way that ensures their patent portfolios are not just paper, but assets to be used to elevate client’s business and protect it from competitors. In particular, they draw on a long history in assisting start-ups in the difficult balancing act of prioritizing where to use its (economic) resources best.

Electronic Manufacturing

Nordes is a specialized subcontractor within the production of electronics – also known as EMS: Electronic Manufacturing Services. They produce exclusively according to the customer’s specifications and according to current high standards. Upon agreed design, Nordes prepare the production process for the product, taking into account norms and parameters, all technical requirements and safety.

Volume production as well as complex productions, niche productions and projects requiring in-depth knowledge and commitment to advanced processes are among their competencies. Nordes is known for being agile and professional in managing both the supply chain and the production process.

Electronic Manufacturing
Early-stage venture fund

byFounders compassion for founders permeates every interaction, where they strive for transparency and candor. They evaluate their investment leads using an 8T Framework: Team, TAM, Timing, Traction, Tech, Transformational, Transparency, and Tomorrow. They sincerely care about tomorrow in their search for like-minded founders, who strive toward making a positive impact on the world.

Venture Capital Fund
Go-to-market & growth hacking

At GoGrowth you will find resources that help you achieve higher growth in your business.

Through more than 13 years of experience in scaling companies, you get the resources and tools every marketeer and entrepreneur needs to grow.

Going to market
Lean startup business model design

Validate supports Sound Hub in various programs by applying lean startup methodology and business model design. We facilitate workshops such as:

  • Business Model Innovation – How to build a scalable model
  • Lean startup – How to apply agile development
  • Customer discovery – How to customer test the model
  • Pretotyping techniques – How to test the demand
  • Pitch training – How to get investment

We help you – the founder – combine strategy with execution. We do it by getting clarity on your venture, and its current development state and prioritising the right actions where we get a high impact in a short time.

Business model
Electronic development

Develco is an experienced Technology Development Partner offering product development as well as production management for other companies with their own product range.

After completion of development projects your company will receive all IP rights and complete documentation on the finished products.

Since 1989, they have developed technological product solutions and managed electronics production for large industrial customers and innovative start-ups.

Develco is an independent company in the Trifork Group with +1000 employees.


Electronic development
Machine Learning and data mining

Data are becoming a highly valued commodity and should be handled with care. ADAPT develop machine learning models to describe complex problems and aid to interpret, document and ultimately, create commercial value for their customers within this field.

  • Data cleaning & validation
  • Data visualisation
  • Machine learning and model interpretation
  • Project documentation

Analysis of bigger and bigger data sets are the core value of ML and chemometric models, which can help to better describe complex problems, as discovering defects in surfaces (e.g., polymer material) using application of sound waves and to increase quality.

Data mining
Electro Acoustical Consultancy

Schacoustics services include:

  • Calculations and simulations of complete electro acoustic systems
  • Electro acoustic measurements and analysis
  • Listening tests and sound tuning by ear
  • Electro acoustic development support & analysis across appliances
  • Acoustical concept development from idea to final product design
  • Prototyping and electro acoustical systems design
See image
Electro Acoustical Consultancy
Hearable Consultancy

Global Audiology Consulting by Joel Beilin offers sparring and strategic advice to start-ups and enterprises in the hearing aid, hearables and wearables domain to ensure high quality, credible and competitive products. Joel has specialized in bridging R&D and portfolio management with evidence-based validation and market activities. Based on a thorough understanding of technical and audiological aspects combined with a strong commercial acumen of the hearing aid and audiology business, Joel offers advice and consultancy in the foundation of global collaborations across the industry, and with governmental and academic partners and key opinion leaders.

Hearable Concultancy
Soft funding Consultancy

As one of the leading independent grant consultancies and Sound Hub’s competence partner on soft funding, we offer you a free grant scan to evaluate your company and project ideas.

By being in close contact with you, we find the best match between your project idea and a relevant funding scheme.

We work structurally according to a tested model and handle the whole proposal process, of course based on inputs from you.

Soft funding Consultancy
Mechanical Consultancy

BANG & SCHMIDT services include:

  • Technical sparring on mechanical challenges
  • Turn your hand sketches into 3D visualization
  • Simplification and optimizing of parts & cost
  • 3D/2D documentation (prototype to product)
  • Find the right suppliers & be the link between
  • Build pretotypes and working prototypes
  • Helps with price estimate on tooling & items
  • Think sustainability into your products
Mechanical Consultancy
Acoustics Consultancy

PC Sound & Acoustics services include:

  • Loudspeaker evaluation, specification, development & tuning
  • Fast loudspeaker prototyping, tuning and evaluation
  • Hand-in-hand product development from idea to mass production
  • Acoustics measurements, calculations and treatment
  • Sound absorption measurements on materials & surfaces
  • Studio design, implementation and installation
  • Live sound production, recording and mixing
  • Live FM transmission and video/audio streaming
See image
Acoustics Consultancy
Technical advise on electronics

As a Sound Hub client you can draw on the expertise and resources within Arrow to make sure that you get from idea to product in an effective way.

We support clients get started with technical advise from our engineers, access to suppliers, appropriate development kits, and support in choosing the right technology for your product. When closer to production we will help your transition from a development phase to production.

Setting up business in Denmark

Compliance with the rules and regulations of running a business in Denmark requires insight and experience – which is one of the reasons you should consider partnering with Revision Limfjord.

Let’s help you with the practical problems and pitfalls within e.g. international taxation laws, payrolls, accounting as well as annual reports. Internationally we are a member of IECnet.

Revision Limfjord
Business consulting supports Sound Hub Denmark coworkers with mentoring and sparring on btb sales and marketing. Key expertise within:

  • Identifying new business areas
  • Strengthening current business-to-business
  • Making business with automotive OEMs
  • Making business based on audio

We can help you develop your business by combining existing assets in a more robust way and/or with those of other companies. Let us help you in new business identification or by strengthening your current offer.

See image
Financial advise with a local footprint

Hvidbjerg Bank supports Sound Hub Denmark and thus the business development in Struer Municipality.

We work closely with Sound Hub Denmark when entrepreneurs want to establish themselves in Denmark, and are always ready for a dialogue about the right set up. In our experience, the good cooperation makes a positive difference and has only experienced satisfied feedback from those customers establishing a business unit here.

Hvidbjerg Bank
All aspects of patents

The services provided by SGW Patent comprise:

  • Novelty searches and patentability assessment
  • Infringement and freedom-to-operate evaluations
  • Drafting of Danish, European and International patent applications
  • Representation of the client and prosecution of such applications before the relevant patent authorities
  • Drafting of patent strategies

SGW Patent has working relationships with patent consultancies in Europe, USA, China and Japan.

We acknowledge that many private inventors and small innovative companies have a rather limited budget to cover IPR expenses, therefore we offer a preliminary investigation package that includes an overview of timeline and expected costs of the patenting process.

See image
SGW Patent IVS
Full-service online marketing

Content Crew is a small and local marketing agency ran by two guys in Struer. They offer a practical, fast and effective online marketing service for businesses. Services they offer are:

  • Online Strategy
  • Photo
  • Video
  • Copywriting
  • Advertising & SEA
  • SEO
  • Social media marketing
  • Campaigns
Content Crew
A financial partner for international growth

Danske Bank supports Sound Hub Denmark with presence of a local growth advisor; Heinrich Dalager and all the possibilities of an international bank, including banking setup in English. Through the special unit, Danske Bank Growth, the bank also offers network to investors, growth programmes, knowledge and tools dedicated to support start-ups and scale-ups.

International bank

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