Reverberation Chamber

Understand and test the performance of surfaces and panels to improve room acoustics.

The Reverberation Chamber is deliberately designed to have a long reverberation time and a diffuse sound field with hard surfaces and reflectors in all directions. The room is useful for determining the sound absorption characteristics of surfaces used in building and for acoustic treatment. The method for measuring and obtaining absorption data follows a standardised method: DS/ISO 354 Acoustics – Measurement of sound absorption in a reverberation room (min. 150 cubic meters).

The room is 82 cubic meters and the empty room has a reverberation time between 2 and 4 seconds below 2000 Hz – which is similar to a church space.

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Omni-directional loudspeaker & microphone 
An omni-directional loudspeaker is used to generate noise and a microphone records the resulting response at a number of positions in the room.
Room acoustics
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