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Sound labs

The Cube
Measure your speaker in one of the world's largest privately owned 360 degree free field electroacoustic measuring facilities; nick-named ‘The Cube.’ The Cube is 12x12x12 m and you can measure amplitude, phase, radiation, power response and sound pressure levels.
A speaker measuring chamber
Listening Rooms
Listen to and tune your speaker in one of the listening rooms. Sound Hub Denmark has two standard listening rooms obeying the IEC 268-13 standard; meaning having standardized acoustical properties and relevant equipment to perform tests.
The Quiet Room / HATS
Find the sound of nothing. Even the weakest hum in a product or click in a loudspeaker affects the performance and needs to be found. They can be intercepted and removed in our cellar deep underground – the so-called Quiet Room.
Audio Specification labs
Get the right sound. Measure speakers, headphones and other audio devices. As part of your development process you can test for audio specifications of components, pre- and power amplifiers, converters and signal processors in our Audio specification lab. Additionally you can design test sequences for production tests.
Power Test Room
Blow it up in the heavily soundproofed room where speakers and drivers can be tested to destruction, as a check of their ultimate power handling capacity. Heavy monotonous test signals can be played continuously for days.
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