Development Tools

Join us and gain access to newest tools and application platforms to develop your product.

A number of computer aided tools, analyser and measurement equipment and newest technology application platforms are available in Sound Hub through committed partnerships.

Work with the newest tools and platforms innovating your creation to its full potential.

3D software tools

SOLIDWORKS, PLM Group offers 3D software tools, to help users create better products faster. Their solutions cover all aspects of the product development process to create & design products in an innovative way.

3D tools
Audio Precision acoustic audio analyzer

Their APx517 B Series acoustic audio analyzer is designed for testing of speakers, microphones, headphones, headsets and the wide range of consumer electronics incorporating speakers and microphones.


Audio analyzer
LOUDSOFT simulation software and tests

LOUDSOFT has world famous simulation software for acoustic engineers designing high quality drivers and loudspeakers. The intuitive software gets you fast to the target with only one prototype.

Simulation platform
Hearable platform by GreenWaves Technologies

The GAP9 hearable processor is exceptionally power efficient for voice & music processing, giving headroom in both energy & processing power that can be used to develop innovative new features in audio products.

Hearable processor platform
SoundCheck by Listen

SoundCheck is a powerful and flexible software-based electroacoustic test system for testing audio and audio electronic devices. Complete audio tests in a single software package.

Electroacoustic test system
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