21 Apr
Forskningens Døgn | Personlige lydzoner – kontrol af ønsket og uønsket lyd

ISOBEL-projektet udvikler et interaktivt lydzonesystem, der gør det muligt at skabe flere personlige lydoplevelser i samme rum. Teknologien testes på hospitaler og i private hjem. Her giver lydzoner nye muligheder for at understøtte forskellige behov og præferencer i det eksisterende lydmiljø – og reducerer negative følgevirkninger ved uønsket lyd. Under dette foredrag vil Kasper Fangel […]

Past events

24 Apr
The Danish Science Festival 2023

During this year’s Danish Science Festival (Forskningens Døgn) we have together with other organisations in Struer, the City of Sound, decided to organise several inspirational events. All with a focus on highlighting the interrelation between Sound & Health in solving social challenges. Sound Hub Denmark has invited researchers from Aalborg University (AAU) and the University […]

06 Dec
Exploring the next generation of sound features

We are pleased to introduce to our audience our guests: GreenWaves Technologies, a community member of our hub, and their software partner SEGOTIA. During this webinar Martin Croome, VP of Marketing at GreenWaves Technologies and Culann mac Cabe, CEO of SEGOTIA will tell us about the new audio product features enabled by the fusion of […]

23 Nov

Short time to market is crucial for a successful launch. The needs for more frequent update cycles require shorter development cycles. New ways of reducing time from idea to finished product is therefore in high demand. Learn how to reduce the number of physical prototypes, when we invite in for Virtual Prototyping seminar together with […]

24 Oct
TEDx Talks on Sound

TEDxSoundHubDenmark – independently organized events. Thought leaders and inspirators from research to entrepreneurship have been selected for TEDx Sound Talks organised by Sound Hub Denmark. Read more and sign-up via this link.

18 Aug
MAPU PRETO & MAPU SOENGA speaker launch

Impressive artwork, environmental credentials and social impact are just some of the words defining the world’s first active speakers made of clay and other low-impact materials. Meet the founders behind Mapu Speakers presenting the heritage-led-innovation behind their new line of speakers; the MAPU PRETO & MAPU SOENGA series, when we host their launching event with exclusive […]

29 Jun
Neckphone – The launch
of a successful crowdfunding campaign

Get invaluable advice directly from Enoc Armengol from Circulr Sound, who will share do and don’ts based on his crowdfunding knowledge and specific learning from launching products within the sound domain. Topics like content elements, preparation, marketing spend, market fit, investment planning and knowledge about the community of backers will be openly shared, when Enoc […]

25 May
The Future of Audio Measurements

Specific focus is on how to improve Efficiency and yield, measure in Real-world conditions, plus Free-field measurements without a test chamber. This short seminar is highly relevant for everyone working with test of audio products, both in R&D and production.  Once again we welcome Founder and President of Listen, Inc., Steve Temme and Vibrakustik to share […]

21 Apr
with AP & GRAS

GOmeasure invites you to Struer, City of Sound for this joined event with Audio Precision and GRAS Sound & Vibration, hosted by Sound Hub Denmark. Through demonstrations and workshops, you will learn about the latest hardware and software products in test and measurement of sound. We have divided the day into a morning and an […]

29 Mar
DCI GO! Struer event
for creative companies

Together with the new initiative Danish Creative Industries, we invite you to DCI GO! Struer event on March 29th! The DCI GO! Struer event is for all creative companies that want to expand their network and / or meet investors, and for individuals or organizations that want to invest and support creative companies. Danish Creative […]

26 Jan
A Stress Free Workplace

Corporates are becoming increasingly more aware that investing in the health and wellbeing of their staff will result in a healthier, happier and more productive workforce. This ultimately leads to less absence, greater staff retention and higher performance – all contributing positively to the bottom line. With the current challenges of Covid-19, it has become […]

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