The Quiet Room / HATS + fixtures

Measure headphones and headsets on the HATS (= Head And Torso Simulator) or make use of hearing-protection fixtures in our Quiet Room.

The room is located in our deep cellar, having a very low noise floor being perfect for acoustical measurements. A Quiet Box with even lower noise floor is also available for other applications.


We have state of the art electroacoustic test software and equipment available – it is also fully okay to bring your own.

Let us guide you, also if in need of sound professionals to conduct the actual tests.

SoundCheck by Listen 
SoundCheck is a powerful and flexible software-based electroacoustic test system for testing audio and audio electronic devices. Complete audio tests in a single software package.
Electroacoustic test system
Microphones, ear simulators and test fixtures by GRAS Sound & Vibration 
With the newest equipment from GRAS it is possible to measure on a human-like head and torso below the human threshold of hearing and in the complete audible range and beyond.
Measure on human-like head
Quiet Box - for low noise floor measurements 
The Quiet Box is a 100 x 45 x 42 cm acoustic test box with better than 30 db insertion loss from ambient noise. It is equipped with a measurement microphone GRAS 47HC ½” CCP low-noise microphone 6,5 dB re. 20uPa. The noise floor is measured with microphone 8,5 dBA.
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