Grow your investment portfolio within sound-tech

Are you an investor or another professional entity interested in sound-tech innovations?

Sign up at Sound Hub Denmark and get access to promising entrepreneurs, startups as well as larger companies, working towards a common goal – to develop innovative products in sound-tech and support them growing their business.

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Tailored for investors
Pitch events 
Sound Hub hosts several pitching events where we introduce you to ambitious startups. This is your chance to be on the front row of innovation!
We facilitate on site scouting and matchmaking with the various innovative businesses at Sound Hub. Creating interesting matches for you and for them – join and be close to your sound-tech investments or sponsees.
Lectures in seeking investments 
We are always interested in professionals to guide talents. If interested you can offer Sound Hub companies guidance in finding the right lead investor. Let them in on the pitfalls and successes of such.
Flex Desk 
We have a desk available for you every time you visit Sound Hub. Be amidst ambitious startups and industry-leaders in an exciting growth environment.
Growth environment

Join and get access to

Coworking Space

Network and work with sound and audio professionals from startups, SMEs and corporates, students and researchers, other investors and sponsors. Join sound innovation in the collaborative environment.

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Learning Space

Meet sound specialists and business mentors offering know-how to the latest developments and technologies in the sound industry and expand your knowledge through the research projects, seminars and events organised at Sound Hub Denmark.

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Accelerator Space

Meet your investment objects up front. Follow and potentially invest in the participants of the SoundTech Accelerator Program for startups on their journey towards a scalable business model.

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Join us 
Are you interested in investing in Sound Hub Denmark or our coworkers, still considering or just want to get some information?
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