Craft Cluster

Find complementary competences

To further develop your concept and product sales opportunities together with our Craft Cluster.
All companies within a radius of a few kilometers with an expressed interest to support companies in Sound Hub.

Let’s get in touch – so we can find the right match for you.

Decorating technology

First class decorating technology

  • On any shape or any size from microscopic hearing aids to larger cabinets, we can handle it all.
  • We are able to prime almost any type of surface; glass, plastics, metals, wood so the prints remain clear and in place.
  • From 1 to 1 billion the number is irrelevant, prototypes, show models small series or large series – we can handle any amount.
  • Involve us in the design and material selection process, and we can guarantee a better end result at the right price and in the right quality.
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Marketing, event and promotion materials

Create growth through visibility:

  • Signs & sign cut-outs, Posters & prints, Roll-Ups and print on clothes
  • Beach Flags & Banners and Stickers & Foils 
  • Exhibition & stand material and Decorations incl. car decorations
  • Photography

Your options are many when it comes to materials and expressions. The most important thing, however, is that the solution we find together is exactly what you want.

This is what we call creative collaboration.

Marketing materials
Electronics production

We provide fast delivery when needed at the right price and the right quality.

We can assist in:

  • Sparring on prototypes
  • Component procurement, print and packaging of final product.
  • Hand mounting
  • Programming and functional tests according to your specs.
  • Re-work and fault-finding
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Bttb Electronics
Expertise in quality control and patent handling
  • Optimising and process changes via GAP-analysis
  • Internal auditing and control of auditor group
  • Preparation and execution of external audits
  • Risk analysis
  • Implementation of Sherlock Web quality tool
  • Patenting and IPR rights
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Managing development projects within software, hardware and mechanics

Experience, skills and creativity take any stage of our development projects to the next level:

  • Project management from idea to finished product
  • Embedded software based on modern development environments
  • Compact hardware solutions with high component density
  • Large supplier network – high quality at competitive prices
  • Environmental tests, such as climate and temperature tests
  • Prototypes, including cost-effective proof of concepts and mockups
  • Compliance with international standards
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Conpleks Innovation
Manufacturing soft tools, moulds and mech design

Manufacturing of soft tools, moulded prototypes and mechanical design are our core competences

  • Produces more than 150 soft tools a year
  • Has used Creo (PRO/E) as a construction tool since 1995
  • Stocks more than 500 plastic materials
  • Has its own production and development department
  • Pre-production – gets your product on the market while you develop the final production setup
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Electronics design

Creative development and design of electronics and expert knowledge in embedded software design

  • Competences in embedded software and PC/Windows
  • Embedded internet
  • Expertise in wireless radio communication
  • Hardware construction (optimum mix of software and hardware solutions)
  • PCB-layout, manufacturing of prototypes and 0-series
  • Including the required documentation, training and support for end-users
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KT Electronics
Vacuum Forming

Vacuum forming – when “time to market” and cost are essential parameters

We have experience in many lines of business and work with:

  • Moulds in different materials – wood, concrete or aluminium
  • Many types of plastic material for vacuum forming and in a wide range of surfaces (coloured or transparent)
  • Sub-assembly and packaging of smaller series
RJ Plast
Mechanical prototypes

The devil is in the detail. Precision and details in prototyping, 3D-printing, CNC-milling and injection moulding

  • Tooling: Injection moulding tools for prototyping or production and the use of 3D printing for evaluation of items
  • Prototypes: 3D printing or CNC milling – to the very finest detail
  • Machine parts: Simple or complex we can provide items in almost any type of metal or plastic
JD Design
Two-component moulding

Two-component moulding when design freedom is essential

  • Tool design and injection moulding – any type and any business
  • Items from ½ g to 1800 g
  • Small or medium sized productions on time and in the right quality.
Form & Plast
Injection moulding in plastic

Our skills cover

  • Forming and injection moulding of large plastic items
  • From idea to complete production setup
  • Optimising tool design for simple safe and cost-efficient production
  • Development in a close partnership with customers
  • Expert knowledge in materials, design and technologies
  • After-treatment such as ultrasonic sealing, mounting of inserts, glueing, jointing, riveting

Our business is any business – includes today medico, consumer electronics and the automotive industry – all with extremely high quality requirements. Through thorough analyses, we take you straight to the goal, and we aim to get it right the first time.

Martin Munkebo
Production on aluminium, iron and stainless steel
  • Versatile machine park and efficiency in production
  • From your drawing or data, we can quickly provide you with an estimated price
  • Solution provider not just item provider
  • We assist with idea generating and specification of items and selection of optimum material
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Metalvarefabrikken Struer
Testing services

We can perform the following tests:

  • Electromagnetic compatibility
  • Radio
  • ESD
  • Vibration, shock, and bump
  • HALT (Highly Accelerated Lifetime Test)

We can help you with these certifications:

  • CE-marking for EU
  • FCC and ISED certifications for the US and Canada
  • VCCI certification for Japan

EKTOS Testing & Reliability Services is a part of the EKTOS Group that, besides testing, can handle the specification process, development, prototyping, and manufacturing of electronics.

Aluminium competence and production

Expertise in

  • Different types of surfaces
  • Forming
  • In-oxide decoration
  • Anodizing
  • Light through aluminium
  • Dual structures
  • Colouring
  • Laser engraving

Passion, pride and persistence has taken our craftsmanship to a new level.

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Bang & Olufsen Aluminium factory

High-quality industrial lacquering of mainly wooden surfaces.

Our facilities mean we can handle:

  • Sizes from 5 cm to 2.5 m
  • Multitude of surfaces – from high gloss, matt or with structures
  • We can repaint existing items or we can give new items a quality coating
  • Colour gloss is from 5 to 90
  • Custom-made solutions – we make a setup that suits your specific needs
  • Prototypes or finished products
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Struer Industrilakering
Aluminium production & surface treatment

Creative solutions in aluminium with excellent finish and quality

  • We provide unique and custom-designed items from different alloys and with many different surface treatments.
  • We handle all technical challenges – including areas where materials other than aluminium are involved.
  • We have a large network of specialists, we have worked with over the years, so we can take your task from idea to the warehouse.
  • We can be your sparring partner and offer expert advice so your project is off to a perfect start.
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ALU Parts
Pressing and punching in soft materials is our core competence
  • We can handle sizes from 32 mm to 120 cm
  • We work with custom-designed solutions
  • We go from prototypes to full production scale
  • Our hallmark is low start-up cost
  • Fast and cost-efficient execution

We transform creative ideas into practical solutions.

Mechanical challenges

Simple solutions

  • Moving mechanics design
  • Specialising in noise reduction
  • In-depth knowledge of and experience from all product development phases
  • Extensive network of highly skilled specialists
Firmaet Keld Sloth
Industrial designer
  • Product development
  • Innovation based on analyses of existing products or problems
  • Building architecture
  • 3D design of plastic, metal, wood etc. parts in Solid Works, 3D CAD
  • Extensive understanding of materials
  • Design of prototypes and models applying 3D printing

I understand the technology-side of product development from working with different types of customers and I have an extensive network of experts close by.

I aim for something better – my focus is on simplicity and solutions that work.

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Mads Miltersen Design
Electronic design & production

Software and hardware design at expert level

From idea to finished and packaged product in the most cost-efficient way. We make functional prototypes to verify your design, find the best possible components for a cost-efficient production.

  • Design of hardware and software at expert level
  • Prototyping and procurement of the right components
  • Complete functional prototypes a development house with production and production optimising.
  • From idea to mass production

We provide electronics development with in-house competences in all phases of the development process.

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CIM PrintTronic
Audio experience prototyping for cars

We work with

  • Cutting edge in-car sound technologies
  • Iconic brands
  • User Experience concepts and design
  • Global footprint – automotive OEM’s world wide
  • Artist and professional relationships

It’s all about sound – from capture to reproduction

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Harman Lifestyle
Assembly of cabinets

With its unique approach, VIA NOVA can solve concrete tasks within wood, plastic and tailoring. They employ, re-educate and train citizens, who despite reduced work function, have many interesting qualifications and competences to offer. The staff is a dynamic group representing many lines of trades; a great starting point for creative thinking and working.

  • Speaker cabinets (assembly)
  • Other types of tasks in the future

‘It is vital for a company like VIA NOVA to be a part of the society that surrounds us. We need meaningful tasks like the ones we have carried out for Sound Hub. They can help us give the people here the training and skill set to get back to the normal labour market’.

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Assembly - smaller quantities
Electronics troubleshooting and repairs
  • Establishment of test setup’s
  • Soldering competences, SMT, THT etc.
  • Rework and repair on component level
  • Measurements
  • Troubleshooting

My speciality is repairing and restoring classical audio – both tube and solid-state builds. I do repairs of professional stage equipment, mixers, amplifiers, cables, etc. as well. When you need an extra pair of hands or advice on how to get things done, I’m the one with the practical experience.

Electronics troubleshooting and repairs
Machine factory

We are experienced in:

  • Stamping and vacuum forming tools
  • CNC Milling
  • Design of highly specialized tools
  • Manufacturing of milling and mounting fixtures
  • Providing assistance in the initial production phases
  • All types of materials; metals, plastics and foams.

We stock materials which means we have a short delivery time. We can make individual parts for prototypes, handle production of parts in small and larger series. It can be turning, milling and spark machining.

Our hallmark is efficient and fast tooling.

Design Lab

CONFORMO™ is a different kind of design lab, supporting companies in unveiling their future DNA.

  • Playground/lab — we explore new possibilities by experimenting with alternative materials and new technologies to discover innovative and exciting solutions
  • Design — we form the future through a mix of knowledge and play
  • Development — we conceptualize and prototype future proof projects
  • Production — material sourcing, production and collaboration, we help with the steps
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Bold, brave and original ideas
Safety pin solutions

An extremely versatile safety pin concept in the highest possible steel quality reducing mounting processes and use of tools in all types of industry. We provide solutions used in windmills, bikes, hospitals, furniture, aircrafts, farming, cars just to mention a few. We have a vast product programme that can be applied in many different solutions, but we also develop customized solutions for larger production series.

Our speciality is

  • Cold heating process
  • Special hardening of steel
  • Spark machining
  • CNC turning and cutting
  • Polishing

We stock items to ensure short delivery-time and we deliver worldwide. Ven-po is about Innovative thinking, high-quality solutions and zero complaints.

Hearing Aid Centre

An independent hearing aid centre where we carry out hearing tests and adjustments of hearing aid sets. We provide consultations to determine our customers’ needs and match with relevant solutions.

We have a wide understanding of hearing aid equipment from all the well-known brands and our competences cover all types of equipment in the market. We are technicians, not doctors, however, we have our own ear specialist attached to the clinic, which means we have all relevant competences inhouse.

We also have knowledge within hearing protection equipment for the industry, schools and sound-sensitive people.

We can assist in designing tests with test panels and collaboration on how to get unbiased tests results.

Solid wood solutions and CNC technology

Use specialized design solutions for the next sound technology project

We are specialized in making flexible wood solutions and solving the problems in the individual project.

We can assist with:

  • Specialized wood products made by a CNC machine
  • Cutting wood in different dimensions and forms
  • 8 kinds of wood types and different surface treatments
  • High quality, strong materials and fine details
  • Counseling in wood products and solutions
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Specialized wood solutions
Webshop and showroom for International Design

Our product range consists of established brands from both Denmark and the rest of Europe, as well as upcoming brands. We offer a diverse selection within lighting, furniture and home accessories.

We offer:

  • Fast delivery
  • Price guarantee
  • 21 day return policy
  • Free shipping on larger orders to Europe
  • Consultation on interior design solutions
  • Customer service open daily
Webshop & Showroom

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