LAUNCH EVENT: August 18th, 2022

MAPU PRETO & MAPU SOENGA speaker launch

Award-winning & Eco-friendly clay speakers
Concept presentation & Sound demos
Exclusive offers on the very first pieces
at Sound Hub Denmark

Re-thinking crafts - Sustainable design with sound engineered in Denmark

Impressive artwork, environmental credentials and social impact are just some of the words defining the world’s first active speakers made of clay and other low-impact materials.

Meet the founders behind Mapu Speakers presenting the heritage-led-innovation behind their new line of speakers; the MAPU PRETO & MAPU SOENGA series, when we host their launching event with exclusive offers. Hear also about how their residence at Sound Hub Denmark and life in Struer has been crucial for their product development.

Use of sustainable production methods as well as personal motivations will be openly shared, when they engage us in the award-winning, eco-friendly speaker concepts handcrafted of clay, wood, cork, wool and copper developed together with Sound Hub Denmark and traditional potters from Portugal.

You are welcome to join the official launching event on Thursday and/or to book individual sound demos also on Friday (or Saturday) – either at your home or at Sound Hub. Please sign up below, so we can reach out to you to schedule time slots. 

Exclusive launching offer: Active Mono and Stereo speakers from the first limited MAPU PRETO series will be offered with a 20% discount. Besides, you will as attendants also get the possibility of purchasing one of the very first pieces (serial numbers 1-20) or one of the special MAPU SOENGA series.

To welcome international guests, the presentations will be in English.
If you need accommodation before or after the event, we are happy to help you arrange.

We are looking forward to seeing you,



16.00 - 16.30

Welcome by Mapu Speakers & Sound Hub Denmark
Welcome drinks served

16.30 - 17.30

Concept & Product presentations
by Mapu Speakers

17.30 - 19.30

Sound demo / listening sessions
Drinks & Snacks, mingling and special launching offers


Public event for everyone


Sign up below. No sign-up fee applied.



10.00 - 18.00

Additionally individual appointments for sound demos / private listening sessions at Sound Hub Denmark or alternatively at your house can be booked.

The speakers are available as active MONO and STEREO speakers in the design variations:
MAPU PRETO (traditional black ceramics through oxygen reduction during the firing process) and the special edition
MAPU SOENGA (unique silver-black marbled ceramics through traditional firing in an open earth-pit, technique recognized as UNESCO Heritage.
The speakers are award-winning, eco-friendly sound systems handcrafted of clay, wood, cork, wool and copper, in traditional craftsman workshops in northern Portugal and Germany. Every speaker is a numbered, unique piece of art, the hands that shape them and the fire in the kiln leave their traces. These crafts are fused with cutting-edge electronics and acoustics developed at Sound Hub Denmark. While their final assembly and quality control is made individually and by hand in Bremen, Germany.

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