HYBRID EVENT: June 29th, 2022 from 2 - 4 PM (GMT+2) at Sound Hub Denmark

Neckphone – The launch
of a successful crowdfunding campaign

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A live case story by Enoc Armengol, international Kickstarter ambassador and CEO/Co-Founder of Circulr Sound in collaboration with Mini Hearing Technologies. A hybrid event with opportunities to join in person or on-line.

Come and be inspired and learn about neckphones, crowdfunding and mutually benefitting partnerships

Get invaluable advice directly from Enoc Armengol from Circulr Sound, who will share do and don’ts based on his crowdfunding knowledge and specific learning from launching products within the sound domain.

Topics like content elements, preparation, marketing spend, market fit, investment planning and knowledge about the community of backers will be openly shared, when Enoc joins us on stage. Enoc is the Co-Founder and CEO of Circulr Sound, with business registration in both Spain and Denmark. 

The crowdfunding seminar will be followed by a deep dive into the Neckphone TRi concept by Circulr Sound, their AI audio road safety system PoC called Warning Alert Identification (WAID), and the societal benefits of safer and more enjoyable sound for micro-mobility – a case study into new ways of experiencing sound on the go or at home. Further it reveals the importance of the duality between marketing and development process and how to master both at the same time.

The afternoon will be rounded up by inviting also Mimi Hearing Technologies on-line to inspire us by the partnership model between the hearing technology company Mimi and Circulr, both sharing the belief in sound perfect adaptation to the user.

Join us to learn more about growing novelty and new use cases in partnerships.

A hybrid event with opportunities to join in person or on-line:


Teams link


14.00 - 14.10

Check-in, Coffee & Welcome by Sound Hub Denmark

14.10 - 14.40

How to launch a successful Crowdfunding campaign?
by Enoc Armengol, Circulr Sound

14.40 - 15.10

Neckphone TRi presentation – a new innovative ultra versatile Hybrid Headphone for today's lifestyles by Enoc Armengol

15.10 - 15.20

Coffee break and discussion Time

15.20 - 15.50

The relevance of Tech Partnerships by Mimi (Germany) and Circulr Sound (Spain/Denmark)

15.50 - 16.00



The event is open for everyone with technical, commercial and/or investment interest in the field of new innovation in life improving solutions


Sign up below. No sign-up fee applied.

If you need accommodation prior to the event, we are happy to help you arrange.

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Neckphone TRi concept by Circulr Sound 
With their AI audio road safety system: Warning Alert Identification (WAID) adding further to the societal benefits of safer and more enjoyable sound for micro-mobility
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