Inspirational presentations & show cases
April 24th. 2023 from 9 AM - 1:30 PM CET

The Danish Science Festival 2023

Sound & Health focus
hosted by Sound Hub Denmark

The Danish Science Festival

During this year’s Danish Science Festival (Forskningens Døgn) we have together with other organisations in Struer, the City of Sound, decided to organise several inspirational events. All with a focus on highlighting the interrelation between Sound & Health in solving social challenges.

Sound Hub Denmark has invited researchers from Aalborg University (AAU) and the University of Southern Denmark (SDU) to come and present research topics, where sound is used to improve our general health and well-being.

Our ambition is to use these occasions to welcome more of the general public incl. schools, cultural institutions, and welfare workers to our premises to inspire us all as to how researchers support businesses and institutions to improve our lives.

Through presentations on April 21 and April 24, we would like to invite you to Sound Hub, where we will celebrate the fundamental element of research: Curiosity – by establishing a meeting point between researchers and the general public.

Learn from relevant topics and showcases how sound research and innovation can contribute to our society.




9 AM

Welcome by Rie Kold Pripsø, CCO of Sound Hub Denmark


VirtuVoce - Train voice and public speaking skills through VR
by Dr. ïo Valls-Rates, public speaking trainer and post-doc at SDU

10:30 - 11:30 AM (CANCELLED)

Bets Under Beats - Hearing Enhancement with Connected Devices
by Vasudha Sathyapriyan, PhD Fellow at Demant and José Cadavid, PhD Fellow at AAU

12:30 - 1:30 PM (CANCELLED)

Vibro-Acoustics Sound Therapy (VAST) - Compared with Binaural Beat Frequency Modulation’s effect on Wellness
by Katrina Norah Nabunjo, Bachelor Student in Engineering, Innovation and Business at SDU


Please sign up seperately for each lecture, using the links below

VirtuVoce - Train voice and public speaking skills and anxiety through VR 
VirtuVoce aims to be an immersive and gamified virtual reality application that makes it possible for 12-to16-year-old children to practice their oral skills in an engaging and gamified way. The app can simulate any public speaking condition and it's ideal to rehearse oral prensentations and train public-speaking skills through the unique immersive power of VR. VR headsets are on site – come and try what VR and gamified voice training feels like!
Partner: AllGoodSpeakers ApS
Bets under Beats - Hearing Enhancement with Connected Devices 
Try the 'Bets Under Beats', a virtual escape game to contribute to awareness about hearing loss and how science can help hearing aid users. The primary research objective of the game is to show how speech enhancement techniques via mobile and wearable devices can make life better for those who are hard of hearing.
Partners: Demant and SOUNDS ETN
Vibro-Acoustics Sound Therapy (VAST) 
Learn how hardware technology combined with ambient sound journeys with vibration stimuli, allows minds and bodies to rest naturally. This rest state is achieved by stimulating the vagus nerve. The talk will introduce us to VAST and compares its performance to Binaural Beat Frequency Modulation. The audience will learn the benefits of VAST and how it affects our biosignals.
Partner: VibroAcoustics

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