SoundTech Accelerator Program

Unleash your business potential

Join the world’s only soundtech accelerator program to unfold and exploit the full potential of your business.

  • Nail your product/market fit: offering a solution, that the customers want badly
  • Expect to be challenged on your product, go-to-market route, team, and business assumptions
  • Gain traction on your customer journey
  • Obtain an investment as well as new partnership relations
  • Engage with – and learn from – a collaborative sound community

An intensive 6 month accelerator program; driven by sound domain professionals with passion and humour.
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​Deadline: December 5th, 2024 for the 2025 cohort

The SoundTech Accelerator Program provides new knowledge, network, tools, methods and investment opportunities to talented startups innovating with sound

Reduce risk and save valuable time

  • Learn to utilize tools that identify your first market – and methods to sharpen your value proposition
  • Improve your leadership skills and learn to embrace team diversity to match the tasks ahead
  • Speed up and amplify your product development in the collaborative soundtech coworking environment with access to world-class test facilities
  • Be introduced to an international sound community and engage with soundtech professionals with a genuine interest to help you
  • Gain upfront investment from SoundInvest – and use the final pitch to expand your network of potential investors and relevant partners

If you invest your time, we will invest in you!
Value of the program: €33,000 | Convertible loan of 750,000 DKK (~€100,000) from SoundInvest

Use this unique opportunity to gain new knowledge, network, tools, methods, funding and direct support during camps and in-between.
The program is run by experienced soundtech professionals from both the technical, market and business fields.

The SoundTech Accelerator Program 2024 is developed and run by Sound Hub Denmark in partnership with SoundInvest and together leading global key players within the international sound industry.

Fun and inspiring!

Luckily, being part of the Sound Tech Accelerator Program also means having fun, getting new ideas, inspiration and friends from around the world. As part of the program you’ll get to visit industry partners, take part in social dinners and pitch your business to experts and investors, and more…

Contact our SoundTech alumni network directly!

You are more than welcome to reach out to alumni to learn from their experience and impact of our sound tailored offers.

How can Sound Hub and partners improved your business? – and what’s the benefits of potentially relocating to Sound Hub Denmark for a shorter or longer period?

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Join and get access to

SoundTech coworking

Network and work with sound and audio professionals from startups, SMEs and corporates, students and researchers. Stimulate your sound innovation in a collaborative environment.

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SoundTech makerspace

Build your concept, prototype or product in our workshops, acquire supplementary skills from the the nearby complementary craft cluster and test and evaluate in the unique test facilities together with leading specialists.

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