SoundTech Accelerator
Program elements

Invest your time and energy, for others to invest in you!

The program and stay at Sound Hub Denmark will let you deep dive into sound-relevant business and technical issues. Your competencies as a developer and marketeer will be lifted through support from sound industry experts, workshops, inspiring tech talks, tech visits and introductions to collaborators with an interest in optimising your business potential.

We ask for your time and energy during and in between camps.  Experience tells us that it’s worth the effort! We are sure that the program will unleash your business potential, fulfill your ambitions and speed up your development.

Learn more about our tailored offer from product idea to market release and beyond.  A unique opportunity for international talented startups innovating with sound as a part of the experience or challenge.

Camps with in-person workshops

The SoundTech Accelerator Program consist of 3 camps of 3 days on site in Sound Hub Denmark and work in-between. Intensive camps, where we expect your team (min. two) to join in-person to learn from the lectures, industry professionals, topic deep dives and workshops tailored for your needs. The overall camp structure being:

  • CAMP 1: A Sound Product
    (Week 12: March 18-21, 2024)
    with focus on your business model, first market, value proposition, and market validation
  • CAMP 2: The value of Sound
    (Week 21: May 21-23, 2024)
    with focus on your go-to-market, partnerships, and investment plan
  • CAMP 3: A Sustainable business
    (Week 28: July 9-11
    , 2024)
    with focus on your team diversity, personal leadership, and pitch training

The camps include a number of inspirational and action oriented workshops practicing tools and methods on your startup.

Prior to the first camp, we will work on your Business Model Canvas, introduced on an on-line Camp 0 (February 28th, 2024). A consistent tool, which you will refine and validate further during the program.

1:1 coaching & mentoring sessions

In and in-between camps your team will be engaged in 3 parallel tracks of individual 1:1 coaching & mentoring sessions focusing on your challenges and nexts within:

  • Go-to-market & partnerships 
  • Business & funding 
  • Product development and technology

The individual coaching will be supplemented with deep dives & sprints on specific topics agreed.


Expect to be challenged

The program will put you in the driver seat of your growth on both product and business.

The program offers:

  • 1:1 guidance and support from renowned industry professionals
  • Access to world-class facilities to develop and mature your product / solution
  • Consultation with industry-leading sound specialists
  • Investment from SoundInvest, specializing in early-stage soundtech startups
  • Validation of your assumptions for the whole value chain
  • Tools and methods enabling your team to overcome challenges now and in the near future
  • Training to build and strengthen your team’s competencies
  • Inspiration obtained from coworking alongside other sound professionals
  • Pitch towards relevant investors and collaboration partners
  • Incubation in the world’s first sound tech & innovation hub (optional)– and so much more
Hands-on guidance

Expect to taken by the hand in unfolding toolbox elements relevant for your business. Between camps we offer professional hands-on help and guidance on individual needs e.g. within the following areas:

  • Partnerships
  • Sustainable Product Design
  • Agile Development processes
  • Patents & IP
  • Product & Feature roadmaps
  • Sound Design & Perception
  • Quality & Reliability
  • Sales & Distribution channels
  • Marketing & On-line presence
  • Supply Chain management
  • Globalisation & Ecosystem support (e.g. Why Denmark?)

Sound Hub's Founders Pack

You are invited to relocate to Sound Hub Denmark for free during the program. Here you get the full benefit of the team, an inspiring soundtech coworking community and supported access to the soundtech makerspace of workshops and world class test and measurement facilities.

Who is behind? 
The SoundTech Accelerator Program of 2024 is developed by Sound Hub Denmark in partnership with SoundInvest.
Who to meet? 
Support and 1:1 guidance from reknowned industry professionals and leading global key players from the international sound industry.


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