We know – and invest in SoundTech

Get a soundtech-only venture fund on board that knows and understands the business and the technology space you work with.

Join the world’s only Soundtech Accelerator Program to unfold and exploit the full potential of your business and obtain an investment from our soundtech-only venture fund.

  • We know that you as a soundtech startup will benefit from having industry knowledgeable investments
  • We believe in founders like you with great ideas for solving problems with and within sound
  • We help you financially to speed up your innovative solutions at an early stage

If you invest your time in the program, we will invest in you!

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See the investment term sheet     or     Learn more about the SoundTech Accelerator

SoundInvest is a venture firm
investing into early stage soundtech startups
Expect with us more than just investments

SoundInvest is your investment partner in the world of sound technology. We specialize in nurturing early-stage soundtech startups, guiding them towards growth and achievement. Incorporated in 2023, SoundInvest is a venture firm investing into startups participating in Sound Hub Denmark’s SoundTech Accelerator Program and beyond.

We’re your collaborators on this journey. Through our exclusive partnership with Sound Hub Denmark and contribution to the program and its alumni, we offer not only funding but also long term mentorship, and references to other contributing investment opportunities on your growth journey. 

Aside from the professional aspects of the SoundTech Accelerator Program offering new knowledge, network, tools, methods and direct support, it also means having fun, getting new ideas, inspiration and friends from around the world.

As part of the program you’ll get to visit industry partners, take part in social dinners and pitch your business to experts, other investors, and so much more…

Unleash your full potential

Through a soundtech-only program combined with a unique early investment opportunity, we are sure you will gain the right momentum for growth.
Benefit from:

  • A convertible loan of 750,000 DKK (~€100,000) – to kick-off your growth journey
    Hoping we will be your first institutional investor
  • SoundTech Accelerator Program – an intensive accelerator program; driven by sound domain professionals
    For which you pay 250.000 DKK (~€33,000)

See the investment term sheet

SoundInvest partnerships
SoundInvest is an associated venture firm to Sound Hub Denmark.
Sound Hub Denmark
has developed the acclaimed SoundTech Accelerator Program in partnership with sound professionals and leading global key players within the international sound industry. The program is run by experienced soundtech professionals from both the technical, market and business fields.

4 mega-trends for SoundTech


Sound in cars is changing, as the market shifts towards electric and self-driving vehicles, the consumers’ expectations for entertainment and communication change. Further amplified by the focus on smart cities. We see already many startups, addressing tech areas things like active noise cancelling, sound zones and new ways of experiencing and/or preventing unwanted sound in cars.



Headphones and all kind of hearables are in constant change and is the fastest-growing consumer electronic category. We see many startups with new takes on functionality and use cases that will be used in a world where most will be using hearables most of the time. Spatial audio, soundscapes in combination with AR, VR, and XR are expanding the use of soundtech and are expected to grow fast over the coming years within many different categories, such as within gaming and animation.


Health and noise

Noise is a global problem and silence is becoming something we seldom experience. New and novel ways to combat noise both at the source and in the ways we build our homes and offices are emerging both in terms of passive use of shapes and materials but also using active technology. Also, we foresee even more studies on the positive impact of music within e.g. dementia treatment and the emerging assisted hearing sector will boom with new solutions improving our general health.


SoundTech and AI

AI is not new in the world of soundtech, but the current acceleration of new ways of using AI impact the ways in which sound is used. Whether it is big data or machine learning used in new equipment for hospitals or health care clinics or for predictive maintenance within the production industry. The world of AI soundtech had definitely already expanded the innovative diversity of new and exciting applications from the startups we work with.

Michael Rohde Böwadt 
CEO of SoundInvest A/S

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