Join us and get access to the world famous simulation software by LOUDSOFT.

LOUDSOFT products are designed for assisting acoustic engineers in the day-to-day work in the lab of designing speaker drivers and loudspeakers bringing your products quicker to market. Your own imagination is the only limitation.

LOUDSOFT is founded by Peter Larsen, who has experience from designing hundreds of speakers in Danish and foreign loudspeaker factories since 1974. Being a Chief Engineer for Dynaudio in 1988, kickstarted the development of FINEMotor 1.0, which very intuitively shows an overview of all possible options for quickly design of an optimum driver. FINEMotor has over time become industry standard.

The same is true for the other simulation programs developed since. The programs present an intuitive one-day learning curve based on variable templates. With the programs you get an early indication of which direction gives the best design, so you only need one prototype.

Out of the need to use MLSSA (maximum length sequence system analysers) to run on Windows, LOUDSOFT developed FINE R + D, which is proclaimed by Dolby as the only system suitable for the development of speakers.

At Sound Hub Denmark you will get access to the excessive range of simulation possibilities from LOUDSOFT, being: FINEBox, FINE X-over, FINE DSP and FINE R+D.

On you find relevant tutorial videos.

Assisting acoustic engineers in the day-to-day work 
The LOUDSOFT simulation software package is today used by over 500 large and small companies worldwide.
The graph is an example from FINEBox.
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