Hearable processor platform by GreenWaves Technologies

Join us and get access to the hearable processor platform from GreenWaves Technologies.

GreenWaves Technologies, a fabless semiconductor startup, designs and supplies application specific processors that allow significant AI and DSP processing in extremely power constrained devices.

GAP9 enables state of the art digital signal processing features like adaptive active noise cancellation, spatial sound, human interface & AI based noise cancellation in hearable devices such as Truly Wireless Stereo earbuds. The GAP9 hearable platform is exceptionally power efficient for voice and music processing, giving headroom in both energy and processing power that can be used to develop innovative new features in audio products.  It brings a powerful combination of flexible DSP and AI processing, ultra low latency and power audio filtering and advanced audio interfaces.

The sophisticated toolset and GAP9’s inherent homogeneity makes porting existing and developing new features significantly easier than other platforms. Ultimate sound quality, better user experience, and exciting new features in advanced audio products are possible now with no compromise in area, cost or energy.

Reach out to us to learn about and try the GAP9 hearable platform; processors that enable a new generation of audio devices. A platform available for the coworkers at Sound Hub Denmark.

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