Who is behind?

The SoundTech Accelerator Program of 2024 is developed by Sound Hub Denmark in partnership with SoundInvest.
Together we invite in partners and players, who actively would like to contribute to the growth potential of sound across industries.

Sound Hub Denmark

As a powerhouse for sound innovation; Sound Hub Denmark is recognised internationally as the go-to place for SoundTech start-ups. Offering the world’s first SoundTech Accelerator Program already in 2019, Sound Hub holds a track record from earlier accelerator programs with participation from 16+ countries, of which +83% are still in business and +34 million euros raised in funding.
The hub supports in surplus yearly a large number of start-ups and scaling SMEs on their growth journey.


SoundInvest is an associated venture firm to Sound Hub Denmark. They specialize in nurturing early-stage soundtech startups, guiding them towards growth and achievement. Incorporated in 2023, SoundInvest is a venture firm investing in startups participating in the SoundTech Accelerator Program and beyond. As the exclusive partner of Sound Hub, they contribute to the program and its alumni, not only through initial funding but also long-term mentorship, and references to other contributing investment opportunities.  

Our vision

We share the vision of being recognized as the world’s best accelerator for SoundTech start-ups; hence to increase the use of innovations with sound in the creation of jobs and exports.

Other program support partners

Include among others:

Validate Consult
Validate help startups design their future business model(s) faster. By applying customer discovery and agile development, they support the founder(s) in systematically de-risking their new venture. Validate supports Sound Hub in various programs by applying lean startup methodology, business model design and the skillset of become confident in pitching. They specialise in combining strategy with execution with focus on building a scalable business model, how to test the demand, how to get investment etc.

Through the methology of GoGrowth you will get help to achieve higher growth in your business. Through more than 13 years of experience in scaling companies, you get the resources and tools every marketeer and entrepreneur needs to grow. Growth Hack tools; alike toolboxes, lists, budget models, KPI matrixes will be walked through. Spiced up with examples and humour at the right time of the startup journey to structure and benchmark on the most relevant growth elements.

Danish Creative Industries
With Danish Creative Industries’ mission to create growth within the creative industries and to assist them in fulfilling their investment potential, they are the perfect support partner to ensure that innovative ideas and business potential are optimised for the creative industries through guidance on market potential and reach out to relevant investors and business partners.

Join and get access to

Coworking Space

Network and work with sound and audio professionals from startups, SMEs and corporates, students and researchers. Stimulate your sound innovation in a collaborative environment. Pitch your business for investors.

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Build your concept, prototype or product in our workshops, acquire supplementary skills from the the nearby complementary craft cluster and test and evaluate in the unique test facilities together with leading specialists.

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Learning Space

Gain knowledge from co-workers, industry professionals, specialists and researchers. Enter mentor relations and upgrade your skills through training, seminars, courses, master classes and events. Business startup training is offered.

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