Sustainable Soundtrack – Launch of Visual Sound Art

A visual sound art piece with acoustic dampening in upcycled wood sees the light of day.

We are pleased to officially launch a work of art of a bit more than 17 metres created from an idea initiated by Sound Hub Denmark.

The work of art is a graphical illustration of a sound sequence, where the words ‘Sound Hub Denmark’ are spoken and recorded as a soundtrack and then cut out and mounted on the wall. The materials used are upcycled dark and light pinewood in NORTO Munk.

It is not just a decoration – it is a design with function

The visual sound art is made so it significantly improves the room acoustics and at the same time conveys a message. This permanent art installation is placed in a large hall area next to the future closed private offices at Sound Hub Denmark. At the same time, it is the east wing and the outside wall of The Cube; one of the world’s largest privately-owned 360-degree free-field electro-acoustic measuring facilities.

Unique Visual Sound Art created in a cross-functional sound collaboration

The installation is made in a collaboration between Sound Hub Denmark and three partners. Each with individual competencies and a focus on functional design and sustainability, they have created a room acoustic work of art, which complements the architecture and purpose of the Sound Hub.

In addition to Sound Hub Denmark; the partners are:

Unique Danish interior brand, which develops and manufactures sustainable, acoustic and custom-designed interior solutions for ceilings, walls, floors and kitchens from upcycled, excess wood. NORTO is using the sound test facilities and competences of Sound Hub Denmark for their acoustic tests and measurements.

PC Sound & Acoustics
Professional sound technician and acoustical engineer consultancy specialising in live events, who has worked for many Danish and International artists, and with many years of experience in product development from Bang & Olufsen and Harman. PC Sound & Acoustics has office space at Sound Hub Denmark.

Møller Nielsens Tegnestue
Struer-based architects, world-leading in challenging and sustainable architecture long before most others, and with a desire to make a real difference in each project focusing on quality in both the process and the result. Møller Nielsens Tegnestue were the architects behind the upgrade of Bang & Olufsen’s former R&D department, which now houses the growth environment Sound Hub Denmark – the world’s first international technology and innovation hub for sound.

Write to or one of the partners for a presentation for the art piece.

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