Danish Sound Network continues in a new organisational setup

Danish Sound Network establishes a new organisation that has made agreements with Sound Hub Denmark and Aalborg University on the continuation of significant parts of the network’s activities in 2019.

As a consequence of the expired public funding from the Danish Agency for Institutions and Educational Support (Styrelsen for Forskning og Innovation), the network’s steering committee has decided to continue the activities in a newly registered legal body called ‘Klyngesamarbejdet Danish Sound Network’ (Danish Sound Network will still be the common name of the network). The new Board of Directors has already made agreements with Sound Hub Denmark on the financing and operation of the Danish Sound Network secretariat in 2019. A knowledge partnership has been signed with Aalborg University, which will contribute with resources within the areas of knowledge and innovation.

New organization, but still the same activities
The secretariat has for the first 10 years been located at DTU Compute in Lyngby, but from now on it will relocate to Sound Hub Denmark in Struer. Kristian Krämer, who previously was Head of Projects and Internationalization, becomes the new Network Manager and responsible for the secretariat. The secretariat will still be the natural focal point in relation to member contact, communication, matchmaking, events and internationalization.

“It is natural for us to support Danish Sound Network, as we have a common agenda to strengthen sound technology and innovation in Denmark and brand it internationally”, says Peter Petersen, CEO of Sound Hub Denmark.

Development of new strategy and sustainable financing model
Danish Sound Network was established in 2009 by the leading Danish sound industry and research institutions, and today the network has more than 900 individual members and over 200 organisation members. The Danish sound industry had a turnover of just under DKK 40 billion in 2017 and employed more than 29,000 employees. In addition to continuing the current networking activities, efforts will also be made to develop a new strategy that ensures a sustainable financing model for the network in the future. The Board of Danish Sound Network, chaired by Søren Bech, Bang & Olufsen, and Vice Chairman Nikolai Bisgaard, GN Hearing, has initiated the strategy process and the development of a sustainable Danish Sound Network.


For more information please contact:

Kristian Krämer, Network Manager, Danish Sound Network, +45 26123300, kk@danishsound.org
Søren Bech, Chairman, Danish Sound Network, +45 96844962, sbe@bang-olufsen.dk
Peter Petersen, CEO, Sound Hub Denmark A/S, +45 40456569, pp@soundhub.dk



Danish Sound Network
Danish Sound Network serves as a hub for research environments, companies, public organizations, politicians and professional users with an interest in sound and sound technology. Danish Sound Network stimulates growth through the branding of the Danish sound ecosystem and works through workshops, conferences and international activities to promote the Danish sound ecosystem within five areas: sound recording and reproduction, sound diagnostics and monitoring, digital media, sound design and well-process technologies.

Sound Hub Denmark
Sound Hub Denmark is a new international knowledge and business cluster for sound development located in Struer, Denmark, which will house and attract investors, contractors, entrepreneurs, researchers and established audio and acoustics companies. Partners at Sound Hub Denmark include leading global companies in the international audio industry; Bang & Olufsen and Harman Lifestyle as well as Aalborg University and Danish Sound Network. Sound Hub Denmark offers an innovative development environment for sound with world-class measuring and testing facilities in an exciting company community and with access to knowledge institutions and mentors. In addition, within a very short distance there is a wide range of companies with supplementary competencies.



From all over Europe; Startups are ready for a new ‘Sound Injection’

Although the refurbishment of Sound Hub Denmark is barely finished, the former Bang & Olufsen factory buildings are coming to life for startups participating in the accelerator program.

Since the November Kick-Off, several of the SoundTech Accelerator Program participants came back for workshops with local specialists in acoustics, mechanical and electrical design and PCB manufacturing

Now, they are all back in Struer to participate in the Midway Camp, an intensive workshop over the next three days with topics such as seeking investments, creating product roadmaps and guidance in certification and much more on the agenda.



Feedback from the Kick-Off Camp told us that the unique test facilities and access to the craft cluster of nearby companies and experts really impressed the startups. Having such a variety of experts within walking distance is unique and makes the startups want to prolong their stay after the program. One of the startups Muuselabs are coming with the entire team for a week-long offsite seminar in addition to the SoundTech Accelerator camp.



They might stay
Some of the startups are considering settling in Struer for a longer period to get the most out of the specialists here and what the area offers.

The location of Sound Hub Denmark, in Struer – with nature, the fjord and quality of life it can offer is an attraction in itself, and Struer, City of Sound is making it easy for newcomers; helping with accommodation, schools and other practical matters. Struer has an international atmosphere due to international companies such as Bang & Olufsen and Harman Lifestyle. With currently more than 70 different nationalities in the municipality, Struer welcomes newcomers from all over the world.

The seven startups are the first in a row of hopefully many, which over the years will be taken through the SoundTech Accelerator Program. As we speak, our partner Accelerace that runs these acceleration camps, is looking at applications from other promising startups applying for the next program, which will start up in March. Application deadline: January 31, 2019.


Sound Hub Denmark sparks interest at huge Asian conglomerates

Sound Hub Denmark participated in a Sound Innovation Camp in Seoul and Tokyo arranged by our partner Danish Sound Network together with Seoul – Innovation Centre Denmark and the Royal Danish Embassy in Tokyo. 

Participants were some of the most significant and relevant Asian companies such as Samsung, Hyundai Motors, Sony, Honda and Mitsubishi Electric and organisations such as Hanyang University and the start-up accelerator D.Camp. 

Attracting these huge and important companies to a sound event clearly demonstrates the reputation of the Danish sound industry in Asia. For Sound Hub Denmark, the event was a great success, as some of the companies expressed an interest in sending talents to Struer or even placing parts of their development teams on relevant projects in Sound Hub Denmark for a period of time. 

We look forward to continuing on this journey of spreading the word of the many facilities and possibilities Sound Hub will offer and getting closer to potential partners in Asia.

Check out the film from the event.

Click here


  • Sound Hub Denmark – a new international technology and business hub in sound innovation – established in the former R&D facilities of Bang & Olufsen. 
  • 3.000 m2 of office space and workshops for start-ups, small and medium-sized companies and corporate teams. 
  • Access to exceptional sound test and measuring facilities.
  • EKTOS Testing & Reliability Services A/S in the same building.
  • Bang & Olufsen, Harman Lifestyle, Danish Sound Innovation – and Aalborg University – best engineering university in Europe
  • Sound Tech Accelerator developed in a cooperation with Accelerace – the best accelerator in Scandinavia in 2018
  • For further information – contact

Sound Hub Denmark A/S

Peter Bangs Vej 17

7600 Struer


CEO Peter Petersen, pp@soundhub.dk – Phone: +45 4045 6569

Sound Hub Denmark is a new international sound technology and innovation environment in Struer, Denmark, which will host and attract investors, entrepreneurs, researchers and established sound and acoustic companies. Partners in Sound Hub Denmark include leading global key players within the international audio industry; Bang & Olufsen, Harman Lifestyle, Aalborg University and Danish Sound Network. Sound Hub Denmark offers an innovative sound co-working and maker space with world-class measuring and test facilities and mentors from partners open for knowledge sharing. A cluster of SMEs with complementary competencies is within walking distance. Sound Hub Denmark will create an inspiring foundation for innovation, growth and jobs for companies and individuals that want to be world-class within their field. Sound Hub Denmark will also attract teams and departments from existing companies working with sound innovation and development, who can benefit from being a part of this hub for sound innovation, sound competences and emerging talents.

Kick-off: Ready to power up the first Sound hub programme

Seven international start-ups attend kick-off camp in Struer the next couple of days.

They are the first participants in the newly developed Sound-Tech Accelerator programme developed in a co-operation between Sound Hub Denmark and Accelerace. It is their first meeting with the coaches, who are following them the next 6 months. The companies are from seven different countries and have been selected among 30 applicants for the programme.

The participants were selected end of October by a panel with Libratone founder Tommy Andersen, TC Electronics founder Kim Rishøj and representatives from Bang & Olufsen and Harman Lifestyle. Twelve were selected in advance to produce a 3-minute video pitch followed by an online Q&A session. ’It was incredibly inspiring to see the idea substance, the ambition level and the dedication, which the start-ups presented’, explains Peter Petersen, CEO of Sound Hub Denmark. The products range from speakers and toys with sound to professional studio equipment and cloud solutions. It is going to be exciting to help them succeed’”

The Sound-Tech Accelerator programme is the first dedicated sound accelerator programme in the world developed by Accelerace in a cooperation with Sound Hub Denmark. Over a period of six months, the start-ups get help to refine and test their sound product and identify, test, and execute a scalable business model. Advise is offered by three coaches from the industry, mentors from Harman Lifestyle, Bang & Olufsen and others. Workshops and camps will be held, and the participants will get access to test labs and measuring facilities in Sound Hub Denmark and access to a large group of highly skilled local companies in Struer, who can support with additional competences in a wide range of areas.

Next deadline

The Sound Tech Accelerator is planned to run several times a year over the coming years if we have qualified applicants. So far, we have identified more than 700 international sound start-ups and our screening of these continues. The application deadline for the next round is January 31, 2019, which is the same time the participants on this first team are back in Struer for their next camp.


Sound Hub Denmark – a new international technology and business hub in sound innovation – established in the former R&D facilities of Bang & Olufsen.

3.000 m2 of office space and workshops for start-ups, small and medium-sized companies and corporate teams.

Access to exceptional sound test and measuring facilities.

EKTOS Testing & Reliability Services A/S in the same building.

Bang & Olufsen, Harman Lifestyle, Danish Sound Innovation – and Aalborg University – best engineering university in Europe

Sound Tech Accelerator developed in a cooperation with Accelerace – the best accelerator in Scandinavia in 2018


Day 1 experiences: Made by Struer, City of Sound (video)