The reinvention of the headphones: Neckphones by Circulr

To reduce accidents in micro-mobility, Circulr Sound Tech ApS offers an open-ear AI sound technology by introducing neckphones for the modern lifestyle. Discover the latest game-changer audio tech startup that has joined Sound Hub in Struer, Denmark.

‘Sound in motion’ is how Circulr describes its brand. They combine; headphones, wearables and loudspeakers – all in one device for customers on the go. Further, the user can easily change the ear pads and also choose different sizes, colours and materials depending on the season and trend.

Circulr has read the market and spotted an urgent need to be safer on an e-scooter or bicycle while still enjoying the ride listening to music or making calls when commuting in the city. Due to their pioneering open-ear sound technology, designed for mobility and micro-mobility, we are pleased they chose our hub for their head office,

CEO of Sound Hub Denmark Peter Petersen explains.

A game-changer in headphones

How can it be a game-changer? Referring to a study made by the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System (NEISS) the number of e-scooter accidents and hospital admissions between 2014 and 2018 has increased by 222% and 365% – a trend that is expected to continue in the coming years. To reduce the situations compromising safety, Circulr has developed a new category of sound wearables with artificial intelligence (AI) and a voice-controlled (VUI) platform that opens a hands-free universe on the go.

According to CEO and founder Enoc Armengol:

The use of headphones has become the number one cause of accidents in micro-mobility in the EU, US & UK. With Neckphones, people can wear them on the neck with the open ear audio technology, feel immersive sound and still hear their surroundings with non-invasive sound. As an example, you can get audible directions and avoid getting lost and be safer while moving without having to pay attention to the screen of the smartphone.  

First launched with crowdfunding

The first hybrid headphones by Circulr were the Buoq Axis. A product launched with over 100k € in crowdfunding to test and validate the need for this new product category on the market. Now they are developing a new sustainable Circulr model, along with freelance expert engineers with background from prestigious brands such as Bang & Olufsen and Harman. Also, they are developing an AI app with 3D audio to extend the user’s unique music experience even more. The launch of this new product is expected by October 2021.

Circulr Sound Tech ApS was established in May 2021 at Sound Hub Denmark, Peter Bangs Vej 17, Denmark.


About Circulr Sound Tech
A start-up founded by a group of award-winning entrepreneurs from various fields such as product design and sound engineering. The revolutionary concept behind the Neckphones is the ability to transform into wearable loudspeakers with an immersive and powerful sound of surprising quality that is being patented. The concept is also helping to reduce electronic waste by its combination of headphones and speakers into one device. Also, it supports the modern lifestyle following the trend of owning less and saving space. Circulr has won several international awards such as the ‘Start-up Launchpad Award’ in Hong Kong and also received the first prize in 2021 in the category Tech for Entertainment at the South by Southwest event held in Austin, Texas.

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