Sustainability and a customer-centric approach drive innovation in startups at Sound Hub Denmark

Obvious pain points trigger entrepreneurs to take action and result in a constant flow of new startups. In the sound and acoustics domain, the startups in the SoundTech Accelerator Program’s fifth cohort, visiting Struer for the first time in February before the coronavirus, seem to have some common denominators.

This group is characterized by the fact that many of them have a high focus on sustainability – in materials, sourcing and recycling – in combination with a strong customer-centric approach.

It will be interesting to further unfold and support the business potential and viability of these product offerings during the coming months together with our partners,

states Peter Petersen, CEO of Sound Hub Denmark.

Furthermore, this year’s first group distinguish itself from the previous cohorts, as five out of eight startups selected are from Denmark. In previous rounds, it has predominantly been international companies that have sought help in Denmark, but now also more Danish startups made the cut upon selection by the Selection Board at Sound Hub Denmark.

The startups will be guided through the six months’ tailormade program supporting them in areas, where they request help. Sound Hub Denmark provides access to unique measuring, test and workshop facilities and a possibility for matchmaking that is unique in the business. Also, the program includes business, marketing and funding acceleration for their specific type of business offered in partnership with Accelerace.

It’s been a great experience for us participating in Sound Hub! The level of expertise both in audio engineering, as well as consumer products and branding is brilliant!”

notes Dorus Galama, Co-Founder of Gerrald Street.

The attraction of the Danish market for incubation of talented startups using sound as a part of their value proposition has led to exciting collaborations for previous participants and the establishment of several new companies (legal entities) in the hub.

Read more about this and other highlights from Sound Hub Denmark in our Newsroom.

The startups in this program are:

Audientes – an affordable self-fitting and self-adjusting binaural hearing aid eliminating the need for professional audiologist assistance.

Sphereo Sound – providing realistic 3D sound on stereo in streaming services, mobiles, hearing aids etc. for a better sound experience.

Noatronic – controller to change sound during performance built into the guitar allowing the guitarist to move freely and focus on performance.

Aarhus Soundsystem – sustainable speakers made out of recyclable materials.

SOWA Sound – wireless speakers for professional high-fidelity audio in real time and with perfect sync.

Gerrard Street – world’s first circular headphone available to consumers in an all-in subscription.

Instrument of things – a motion sensor designed to enrich the artistical performance providing the artist with a new dimension of sound & music expression.

Queue – a music app for a party situation where individual taste in music is put into a live playlist that keeps the party going.

Click on link for a list of previous SoundTech Accelerator Program participants.

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