Sound Kit – A teaching platform for youth education

Together with Struer Statsgymnasium Sound Hub Denmark is leading a development project of a Sound Kit & Teaching Platform. A project aimed at Danish high schools and technical gymnasiums as a start.

The project establishes a teaching platform for early learning about sound and product development and consists of several modules with specific learning goals and associated teaching material.

The purpose of the project is to give teachers in the youth educations an easily accessible and tested teaching platform to conduct inspiring teaching based on sound.

A platform, which is continuously developed with the goal of improving the students’:

  • Digital competences with material, processing, development, and innovation leveraged through sound
  • Ability to build, engineer and test functioning prototypes in problem-based projects
  • Career competencies and technological foundation within Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM topics.)
Sound to leverage motivation and learning in science

Project Manager Knud Funch from Sound Hub Denmark, explains:

Short term, the sub-goal is for more young people to gain experience with Technology and Engineering based on sound and programming, and for them to reflect on the importance of sound in the broadest sense.

In the longer term, the goal is for more young people:

  • to be inspired to take a STEM-related education, e.g. within acoustics and digital signal processing and
  • to aspire to be sound entrepreneurs
Teaching in sound made easily accessible

The goal of improving the skill set of the students through the Sound Kit & Teaching Platform is done by developing, testing, and continuously improving teaching modules on sound and programming together with the partnering high schools. Principal Mads Brinkmann Pedersen from Struer Statsgymnasium motivates this, the following way:

The teachers at the high schools in Denmark’s Region Midtjylland will be offered easily accessible and already tested tools for creating inspiring STEM teaching based on sound.

The high schools conduct teaching using the sound kit towards students in both project-oriented and subject-specific courses. Further expertise in didactics and process/outcome evaluation is included from VIA University’s program for mathematics and science didactics.

Audio tech ambassadors from Danish audio companies are likewise involved to make a natural link to the Danish stronghold of business within sound, acoustic and audio; hereby nurturing the food chain for Denmark’s new and already established sound companies regarding qualified Danish labour.

Upon completion of the project, it is the intention to make the kit and teaching platform available to other high schools in Denmark.

Project stakeholders

For further information about the Sound Kit & Teaching Platform – or general interest in joining as a high school, associated partner, or project sponsor, please contact:

Steering Group Chairman
Principal Mads Brinkmann Pedersen – Struer Statsgymnasium,, +4597854300

Project Manager
Knud Funch – Sound Hub Denmark,, +4530556746

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