Sound Hub Denmark partnership based on social commitment

Sound Hub Denmark has established close collaborations with many companies from the local community benefitting both start-ups and other projects – now also one with social commitment in focus.

One of the more recent ones is VIA NOVA – a company from the public sector, which, in close collaboration with the social area and the jobcentre in Struer, offers jobs and training for citizens that for various reasons cannot be part of the job market on standard terms and conditions.

With its unique approach, VIA NOVA can solve concrete tasks for companies in the area. They employ, re-educate, and train people who have many exciting qualifications and competences to offer despite reduced work function.

Speaker cabinets made on market terms

VIA NOVA works interdisciplinary and can solve many different tasks on regular market terms. Just recently, Sound Hub Denmark has referred one of its start-ups to VIA NOVA.

VIA NOVA made prototypes for speaker cabinets, which met all quality and delivery requirements. They made dedicated prototypes in top quality for a specific customer demo, which may help secure a future order,

explains Peter Petersen, CEO at Sound Hub Denmark.

VIA NOVA has also worked with Sound Hub Denmark, Project Manager Knud Funch to develop a sound kit for educational purposes. The job has been to make small, robust speaker cabinets.

They solved the task to perfection and have even been creative and contributed to a nicer, but also more robust solution based on a rough draft from us,

states Knud Funch.

Great dialogue paves the way

According to Workshop Assistant at VIA NOVA Per Aggerholm, the collaboration with Sound Hub Denmark has been characterised by a fruitful dialogue and a willingness to listen to the needs for certain work routines. 

I think we have established a great collaboration, where we get tasks that match the many cross-functional competences VIA NOVA offers. We hope we can assist with other types of tasks in the future,

Per Aggerholm concludes.
Centre Manager Gitte Clausen at VIA NOVA states:

It is vital for a company like VIA NOVA to be a part of the society surrounding us. We need meaningful tasks like the ones we have carried out for Sound Hub Denmark. They can help us give the people the training and skill set to get back to the normal labour market.

A deliberate CSR-strategy

The collaboration with companies such as VIA NOVA is part of a deliberate strategy at SHD.

We want to support an unprejudiced inclusion of all competences, that can solve tasks for companies at Sound Hub Denmark. We get a job done, and we offer more people a meaningful place in our society through relevant tasks,  

Peter Petersen concludes.


For further information

VIA NOVA, Centre Manager Gitte Clausen, phone +45 22 40 74 81 or mail

Sound Hub Denmark A/S, CEO Peter Petersen, phone +45 40 45 65 69 or mail




VIA NOVA is organised in the Handicap, Social and Psychiatry section of Struer Municipality. The company’s purpose is to create jobs with room for people with various permanent or temporary challenges and establish an environment where it is possible to develop individually and collaborate with others. At VIA NOVA, news ways of learning, growing, and strengthening the employees’ working capacity and work identity is in focus. The purpose is to get them back to the normal labour market either partially or entirely on standard terms. The staff is a dynamic group representing many trades and a wide range of competences establishing an excellent starting point for creative thinking and working.

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