Sound Hub Denmark expands management team

On September 1, Sound Hub Denmark will welcome Rie Kold Pripsø as Chief Commercial Officer, responsible for marketing, sales and community building and -activities.

Peter Petersen and Rie Kold Pripsø in front of what is to become the headquarters of Sound Hub Denmark

Rie Kold Pripsø has been 21 years with Bang & Olufsen with different responsibilities such as Key Account Manager, Product & Business Manager as well as in positions within Procurement and Brand/Marketing.


Rie Kold Pripsø’s responsibilities in Sound Hub Denmark will also comprise developing commercial opportunities, expansion of the Hub community and broadening awareness to strengthen SHDK relationships with both exiting and new business partners to join the Hub.

‘I very much look forward to having Rie Kold Pripsø onboard’ states Peter Petersen, CEO. ‘Rie has an extremely diverse background I’m sure her experience and competencies will make a difference in her new position at Sound Hub Denmark. To give birth to the world’s first international sound-tech hub,  is not an easy task, but I’m convinced that her versatile experience from many different areas together with her personal drive and commitment will bring a new dimension to the Sound Hub Denmark team in both business development and the search for partnerships’.

‘I really look forward to this new challenge’, states Rie Kold Pripsø. ‘Leaving Bang & Olufsen is not an easy decision, but the job description and ambition level of Sound Hub Denmark was simply too tempting, and for me an opportunity to add a new dimension to the experience I already have’. 

‘Audio and acoustics are areas I’ve had close to my heart in my previous position as Key Account Manager leading the product and business optimisation of the Bang & Olufsen partnership with Harman – bringing true Bang & Olufsen experiences into luxury and premium car brands – and as Product & Business Manager for Audio in Bang & Olufsen’s core business. Hence, I have both heart and skills to invest in this interesting task of bringing Sound Hub Denmark on the world map.’ 

What is Sound Hub Denmark in brief?

Sound Hub Denmark is established with a start-up investment of 50 mill DKK and 9,000 square meters of space in the former development department of Bang & Olufsen, which includes unique sound measuring and test facilities, workshops and office space. Sound Hub Denmark is for companies and individuals, that work with sound. And it is sound in the widest possible sense e.g. music recording, – music distribution and – streaming, signal processing, sound reproduction in speakers and headphones, sound applied in the health sector for treatment and therapy – or entirely new products or areas relating to sound. 

Sound Hub Denmark is currently working with Accelerace to finalise and recruit startups for the first tailored sound accelerator program that will run Sound Hub Denmark later this year. Application deadline is August 24.

For questions please contact: Peter Petersen, CEO – – Phone +45 4045 6569

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Sound Hub Denmark is a new international sound technology and innovation environment in Struer, Denmark, which will host and attract investors, entrepreneurs, researchers and established sound and acoustic companies. Partners in Sound Hub Denmark include leading global key players within the international audio industry; Bang & Olufsen, Harman Lifestyle, Aalborg University and Danish Sound. Sound Hub Denmark offers an innovative sound co-working space with world class measuring and test facilities and mentors from partners open for knowledge sharing. A cluster of SMEs with complementary competencies is within walking distance. We will create an inspiring foundation for innovation, growth and jobs for companies and individuals that want to be world-class within their field. Sound Hub Denmark will also attract teams and departments from existing companies working with sound innovation and development, and who can benefit from being a part of this hub for sound innovation, sound competences and emerging talents.