Nordic Podcast Academy broadens the sound perspective 

At Sound Hub Denmark, we take a broad perspective on sound and acoustics. It is not just about technology, speakers, and music – it’s also about silence, noise, welfare, media, communication, art, entertainment and much more, when establishing a learning community for sound businesses of tomorrow.

This is why Sound Hub Denmark decided to house activities such as the Nordic Podcast Academy, established in partnership with Struer Municipality, the Danish School of Media and Journalism and Dorte Palle and Tor Arnbjørn, both former managers at DR, Danish Broadcasting Corporation. All courses and educations are facilitated by the partners together with sound designer Jesper Lundager from City of Sound. The partnership is united by a shared objective to create an international Nordic anchored platform for new talents, journalists, and media professionals.

The Nordic Podcast Academy is an initiative to extend the strong position of sound in Denmark building on a long and strong tradition of deep interviews and storytelling on-air, but never before with a formal educational program and talent scouting dedicated to the podcasting media.

Good podcasting – a skill to be learned

Although many podcasts sound like they are a conversation without preparation, storytelling and production quality should not be underestimated, states co-founder of Nordic Podcast Academy Dorte Palle.

Good podcasting is much more than someone turning on a microphone – rather, it is a carefully scheduled narrative in an environment that inspires the listener. We offer courses in both Danish and English. You can attend talent camps, production courses, take a diploma graduate course or get professional sparring and feedback on your podcasts.

Podcasts for informative amusement

Podcasts have enjoyed massive success in recent years and have seen rapid growth in reach and usage, attracting a younger audience. It fills out a void, and heavy users tend to be 15 to 31 years old.

It is mainly about content, but the form needs to be considered to deliver the content and catch the listener’s attention. As opposed to nearly all other media, podcasts are characterised by being almost inherently long form. On average, podcasts are at least 30 minutes long, and many are much longer. Most podcasts are knowledge-based and give audiences the possibility to take deep dives into specific areas and topics. This allows publishers to communicate advanced information and nuanced messages, which would often be close to impossible on other platforms.

When asked what they prefer to listen to, most listeners settle on ‘informative amusement’ as their preferred content characteristic.

Sequential loyal listeners

Podcasting is not a platform or channel of communication that substitutes existing media channels. It is a new tool expanding the connection to audiences. In recent years, the serial nature of podcasts has become the standard modus of listening.

Hardly anyone listens to single episodes. This means podcasts should be produced in series. Some of the most successful podcasts have published several hundred episodes,

according to Tor Arnbjørn, co-founder of Nordic Podcast Academy.

There is a huge loyalty between audiences and podcasters. Once listeners are hooked, a majority will continue to listen to episode after episode over several months. Therefore, podcasts should be given time to succeed, and many listeners tend to “back listen” in their podcast feeds once they discover a new podcast.

 CEO Sound Hub Denmark Peter Petersen further adds:

We see the Nordic Podcast Academy as a great supplement for story tellers interested in using sound and media on relevant topics. The educational environment for sound communication; in this case podcasting – is a perfect addition to the business and development activities running in our exceptional facilities for sound innovation.

About Nordic Podcast Academy

Nordic Podcast Academy wants to be the top place for education in podcasting in the Nordic countries, providing the best teachers, activities, and facilities for podcast courses targeting people on different levels of experience and knowledge. Podcasting is an international type of content with a Nordic profile. The goal is that it will become a centre of education directed at participants from the entire Nordic region and broader international relations. At the premises of Sound Hub Denmark, Nordic Podcast Academy becomes part of existing international sound development and innovative environment with access to world-class facilities and a professional sound network.

150 students have since 2019 been part of a camp, course, or education.

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