Investor pitch events at Sound Hub Denmark

Sound Hub Denmark has introduced pitching events specifically for startups in the audio industry. During these events, entrepreneurs with a strong business concept can meet investors with an interest in this particular industry. According to investors themselves, this is something they’ve been looking for.

Ten entrepreneurs present their business concepts to a small handful of investors – or business angels, as they are also called. Although they all compete to win favour by the competitors, they are also colleagues who have come to know each other at Sound Hub Denmark. The entrepreneurs have come from far and wide; from The USA to India, Chile, Switzerland, The Netherlands, etc.

For Sound Hub Denmark, the approach is clear:

We want to gather the best business cases from within the world of sound, and bring them together with the investors and people from the industry who want to specialize in that branch of the entrepreneurial landscape,

says Rie Kold Pripsø, CCO in Sound Hub Denmark.

One of the investors is Bo Wase from Aarhus, Denmark. He has been an active business angel since the spring of 2015 when he sold his former company Scanrate Financial Systems. Now he works as a private investor, board member, and mentor for new companies.

Bo Wase is thrilled that an investment opportunity has finally emerged within a niche market such as the audio industry. He is convinced that this will appeal to many investors with a particular interest in this industry:

We lack these kinds of specialized pitch events in Aarhus, where I usually work. I am sure it will attract a lot of curiosity from the business environment when they hear that such an opportunity exists in Struer,

Wase says.

An entrepreneurial event like this, exclusively for companies in the audio industry, is new and rather unusual in Denmark. Yet, it is just one of the various special opportunities that Sound Hub Denmark offers in order to stand out.

According to Rie Kold Pripsø, the plans are to have regular pitch events for investors and the startups at Sound Hub Denmark, so interested investors are welcome to contact us should they want to be part of this – check out the investor section here.

This first event had representatives from the following startups:

AI Highway – Artificial Intelligence stethoscope to screen for heart disorders
AVAtronics – Active Noise Cancellation
nexNeuron – Hearing aid and wireless headphone for tinnitus treatment
Wavy Earplugs – Personal hearing protectors
Distopik – MIX:ANALOG – Real time online analog audio processing
Encida – SAFE – Easy and organized product tests
acustom Ltd – Customized design speaker
Mapuguaquén – Active loudspeakers in clay – Enhanced post sound workflow
Gamesontrack – Intelligent indoor 3D positioning – the indoor GPS system

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