GOmeasure starts up division at Sound Hub Denmark

GOmeasure, a ‘one-stop-shop’ for test and measurement equipment from world-leading manufacturers, has decided to set up a division at Sound Hub Denmark in Struer.

GOmeasure represents test and measurement suppliers that help specify future technologies and define the way they are tested.
Sales Consultant Karsten Damm will be the first representative for all the suppliers on Funen and Jutland.
He’s been instrumental in the choice of location.

By being surrounded by a wide range of companies specialising in sound, we are able to spot new opportunities.

Being onsite is essential

‘Sound is one of our major competence areas, so being present at this location enables me to detect special needs in the early stages of development and match them with relevant suppliers in our network. We can contribute with product presentations from specific suppliers and introduce solutions and solve tasks that are unique to the companies present in Sound Hub’, Karsten Damm explains and continues:

‘The location is perfect. We have access to sophisticated test facilities, innovative sound companies – large and small – which may turn out to be our future customers. We have access to modern and specialised offices, workshops, meeting and event facilities – all under the same roof’.

In the short time I’ve been here, I have come to realise how much GOmeasure will benefit from being on-site.

GOmeasure founder Peter Herbst also sees the advantage of residing at this new location.

GOmeasure aims at assisting companies in the Sound Hub with their development of products and services. We want to be close to our customers, as we, apart from selling test and measurement equipment, also see ourselves as a sparring partner contributing to the innovation process.

Attracting new customers

‘If we’re here when new start-ups and companies develop new technology, we can connect to our suppliers and give input to upcoming needs. We are a versatile and flexible partner, who through our vast network of suppliers, can provide custom-made solutions to companies in the Sound Hub’.

GOmeasure expects to be able to attract a lot of new customers due to its presence in Sound Hub.

‘We have great examples from similar locations, where we have assisted small start-ups, lending them test and measurement equipment in the early stages of their innovation process. These companies have grown and are now among our loyal customers.

‘This is a development we also hope to see in Struer. Two of our major customers are already present here, so we expect our presence will have a significant impact on our future development.’

Getting a competitive edge

GOmeasure has suppliers at the top of the business, and some of them, such as e.g. Gras Sound & Vibration, are already partners at Sound Hub. They contribute with special equipment for the measurement of low and high-frequency noise.

A continuous extension of the highly specialised competencies on-site adds to Sound Hub Denmark’s attraction – both for start-ups and established companies. Peter Petersen CEO of Sound Hub Denmark, explains:

It’s easier to spot new needs when you are present in the early stages. It can mean a competitive edge for both the companies here and the suppliers of test and measurement equipment that are part of GOmeasures network.


About GOmeasure
With the establishment of GOmeasure in 2017 by founders Peter Herbst and Tommi Sørensen the vision is to offer customers test and measurement equipment from the world’s leading suppliers. This is ensured through careful selection of suppliers and by cooperating and keeping close contact. GOmeasure’s suppliers participate in various standardisation organisations and provide lectures and events when customers need them. GOmeasure wants to be a one-stop-shop and partner with a wide range of sophisticated test and measurement equipment offered. Besides selling measurement instruments, antennas, and EMC systems, we can also handle repairs and calibration for the suppliers. GOmeasure offers attractive leasing and rental solutions if the investment budget is too small to buy. This versatility enables GOmeasure to become the place to look for relevant solutions, regardless of the task’s size and format.

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