First Craft Cluster collaboration facilitated by Sound Hub Denmark

Part of the idea behind Sound Hub Denmark is to facilitate the meeting of skills and companies working with sound to achieve better solutions jointly and bring people together.

Over the years Struer has fostered a cluster of highly competent tech-companies in industries offering a wide variety of competences and skills that could be highly relevant for anyone coming here – either joining the SoundTech Accelerator Program in Sound Hub Denmark or settle down in this co-working environment. Sound Hub Denmark actively works on bringing relevant companies together to speed up the innovation process and help with specialist skills you may not have in your company.


Now the first collaboration agreement has been signed. The parties involved are the Swiss-based AVAtronics and the Struer-based Conpleks Innovation.


AVAtronics has developed a novel electro-acoustic modelling and predictive filtering algorithm, which increases the bandwidth of its noise filters, and separates speech from background noise while using teleconference units, smart-speakers, or hearing aids in noisy environments. They have participated in the SoundTech Accelerator Program and here they were introduced to Conpleks Innovation.

Conpleks Innovation is a Struer based R&D consultancy company with several special competences in hardware, software and mechanical design. Tom Simonsen, CEO of Conpleks explains: “Our collaboration with AVAtronics focuses on feasibility studies, prototyping, PCB design and solutions for proof of concept. We are looking into three different projects right now, and I believe that some of it may have an effect and lead to even more collaborations with companies in the vicinity of Sound Hub Denmark. We see a huge potential for our company in establishing collaborations with companies that decide to be part of Sound Hub Denmark”.


CEO of Sound Hub Denmark, Peter Petersen states: “We are really happy about this first collaboration, as it proves what we have known all along – we have so many highly competence specialist in our area, and Sound Hub Denmark is a great platform for match-making between companies to drive innovation to the next level. We see a potential for many other collaborations between companies establishing themselves in Sound Hub Denmark and the Craft Cluster that is already here”.

For further information

Sound Hub Denmark A/S
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CEO Peter Petersen, – Phone: +45 4045 6569


Sound Hub Denmark is a new international sound technology and innovation environment in Struer, Denmark, which will host and attract investors, entrepreneurs, researchers and established sound and acoustic companies. Partners in Sound Hub Denmark include leading global key players within the international audio industry; Bang & Olufsen, Harman Lifestyle, Aalborg University and Danish Sound Network. Sound Hub Denmark offers an innovative sound co-working and maker space with world-class measuring and test facilities and mentors from partners open for knowledge sharing. A cluster of SMEs with complementary competencies is within walking distance. Sound Hub Denmark will create an inspiring foundation for innovation, growth and jobs for companies and individuals that want to be world-class within their field. Sound Hub Denmark will also attract teams and departments from existing companies working with sound innovation and development, who can benefit from being a part of this hub for sound innovation, sound competences and emerging talents.