Experienced Danish inventor and young guns come together to break boundaries in mastering

Only one year ago, Distopik was selected for the SoundTech Accelerator Program  and came to Sound Hub Denmark to be part of the sound environment to accelerate their business. Slovenian-born Bojan Šernek, founder of Distopik and inventor of Mixanalog, was looking to improve his offering and expand his business – and it seems to have paid off.

Gyraf G24 now part of Mixanalog offering

Mixanalog is an online service for processing audio through analog gear, and today they included the Gyraf G24 from the highly acclaimed and experienced Danish Gyraf Audio to their growing collection of modern and vintage gear.

The G24 is an entirely new kind of optical compressor. With its fully passive signal path, it sounds clean and very expensive at the same time. In a unique twist, the G24 contains not one but two separate side-chains which you can use individually or blend. In essence, with G24 it feels like you are using two distinct compressors in one box.

Jakob Erland, from Gyraf Audio, is excited:

For the longest time, I doubted if this would really be possible. It’s not easy by any measure – the guys from Mixanalog have committed to a genuine technological miracle making the G24 remoted without compromising sound or functionality. It makes me really happy that our G24 can be part of demonstrating such game-changing technology.

Access to network and knowledge

Being part of the SoundTech Accelerator Program has been a gamechanger for us, Bojan Sernek explains.

In Sound Hub Denmark, we’ve had access to a huge network of professionals, who understand what we need and can help us. We thought it would be nice to come there for the sound environment, but it has been far better than nice, it has been fantastic. I’m impressed by the ecosystem that is there and we experience that people in Denmark are incredibly open and willing to share their knowledge.

Peter Petersen, CEO of Sound Hub Denmark states:

We succeed when our start-ups move to the next level. We have not been directly involved in establishing this cooperation. Still, I believe the development Distopik has been through in this program and the relocation to our hub for months has created a platform for their expansion and new collaboration opportunities with the Danish sound industry and other industry partners.

Gyraf G24 will be free to use until the end of December, limited to 30 minutes per user per day. To experience it on Mixanalog all you need is a good internet connection of at least 10 Mbit/s. Later you will be able to reserve it in slots of 15 minutes for a modest fee. Don’t rely just on reviews and sound samples. Try the G24 for yourself, on your tracks and with your settings.

For more info on Mixanalog head to: https://mixanalog.com/
For more info on Gyraf Audio head to: http://gyraf.dk/

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