April 28th, 2021 from 3-4 PM CET

Test of headphones

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Live webinar organised by Sound Hub Denmark
International Noise Awareness Day

Conduct and learn from objective and subjective tests to avoid hearing damage of headphone users and to reduce noise

Join us for a live webinar, when we put focus on the importance of proper tests of headphones in the development phase.

Together with our partners GRAS Sound & Vibration, FORCE Technology and GOmeasure we would like to raise awareness of the harmful effects of noise caused by headphones on hearing, health and quality of life, unless time is spend on necessary tests. Recommendations will be given to test equipment and setups followed by practical examples.

More than ever before, we spend hours wearing headphones e.g. for music, phone calls, gaming, podcasts, e-books, movies etc. – or even just to remove noise from surroundings – hence the need for proper tests.

The event is a part of the International Noise Awareness Day initiative raising awareness of noise impact on the welfare and health of people. This year we at Sound Hub Denmark put focus on how professionals and the right equipment can minimise impact and annoyance.

Join webinar

Webinar programme

2.50 - 3.00 PM CET

Sign in & Welcome by Sound Hub Denmark

3.00 - 3.15 PM CET

Compliance tests - to avoid hearing damage
by Ole Theilgaard, GRAS Sound & Vibration

3.15 - 3.30 PM CET

Insulation leakage tests - not to annoy surroundings
by Ole Theilgaard, GRAS Sound & Vibration

3.30 - 3.50 PM CET

Perceptual evaluation of noise - in and from headphones
by Søren Legarth, FORCE Technology

3.50 - 4.00 PM CET


4.00 PM CET

Sum-up & Goodbye


The webinar is open for both professionals, students and private.
Microsoft Teams will be used. No sign-up fee applied.

Hearing damage caused by headphones? 
Get introduced to the recommended test equipment for testing according to the EN50332 standard. To avoid hearing damage for users the SPL value measured in the ear canal may not exceed more than 94 dB according to EN50332 standard.
Presented by Ole Theilgaard, Director, Global Support and Application at GRAS Sound & Vibration
Decibel Noise
Annoyed by sound leakage from headphones?  
Insulation noise leakage might be very distracting to the surroundings of headphones users, if leakage performance is poor and the listening volume is high. Therefore, it is recommended to measure and test the insulation value.
Presented by Ole Theilgaard, Director, Global Support and Application at GRAS Sound & Vibration
Leakage Noise
How is noise perceived in and from headphones?  
Active noise cancellation is one of the key features in many headphones. How do we subjectively describe noise and how to measure such professionally to deliver a headphone experience living up to the expectation of users? Learn from for example listening panels.
Presented by Søren Legarth, Team manager, SenseLab at FORCE Technology
Perceived Noise

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