Danske Bank provides financial advice to sound innovators at Sound Hub Denmark 

Sound Hub Denmark – an innovative development hub for companies focusing on sound and acoustics – has made a cooperation agreement with Danske Bank. Besides contributing with a sponsorship, a growth specialist from Denmark’s largest bank will be attached to Sound Hub Denmark to help the companies in the hub. 

The Struer-based development hub Sound Hub Denmark has made an agreement with Danske Bank, which means the start-ups and companies that are part of this hub will have access to counselling from the bank’s specialists in growth and expansion.

Through Sound Hub Denmark’s unique sound universe start-ups, companies and institutions can share knowledge, competences and well-equipped test facilities to create growth and jobs in innovative companies within the sound and acoustics domain.

Collaboration supports the vision

For Danske Bank, the collaboration with Sound Hub Denmark supports the bank’s vision to make it easier for new companies and growth companies to accelerate their expansion, pursue their ambitions and contribute positively to the development of our society.

Sound Hub Denmark’s specialised focus on innovation in sound is a perfect match to our focus on helping start-ups in Scandinavia through networking and relation-building with advisors and investors. Typically, start-ups at Sound Hub Denmark have an international perspective, and that fits our ability to support them around the world,

states Heinrich Dalager, Growth Advisor from Danske Bank.

This collaboration is important to Sound Hub Denmark for us to be able to support the companies and start-ups even better. Most start-ups need investments, and with this agreement they now get access to a significant network of investors and growth consultants at an international level through Danske Bank,

concludes Peter Petersen, CEO at Sound Hub Denmark.


This collaboration between Sound Hub Denmark and Danske Bank was signed in February 2020, just before the Corona crisis and will remain in force for a year, so far.


For further information

Danske Bank A/S, Growth Advisor Heinrich Dalager, Phone +45 61 65 22 66 or write to hedal@danskebank.dk
Sound Hub Denmark, CEO Peter Petersen, Phone: +45 40 45 65 69 or write to pp@soundhub.dk


About Danske Bank

Danske Bank Growth is a special unit in Danske Bank, handling growth innovators in Scandinavia. The unit consists of more than 50 employees and the aim is to help Scandinavian start-ups and scale-ups to increase growth. The means are network, growth programmes, knowledge and tools dedicated to support start-up environments and the individual start-up. Danske Bank is involved in a number of platforms: thehub.io, helping start-ups with recruitment, hub-invest.io, dedicated to creating relations between investors and start-ups/scale-ups, plusimpact.io, which helps the dedicated impact start-ups finding investors, and canute.io, helping growth innovators into new markets

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