Danish Sound Cluster will be hosted by Sound Hub Denmark

Danish sound has been appointed one of 14 national knowledge and business clusters in the program “Innovationskraft: Danske klynger for viden og erhverv 2021-2024”. The appointment is followed by grants from The Ministry of Higher Educations and Science and from The Danish Executive Board for Business Development and Growth to the cluster organization Danish Sound Cluster.

Sound is one of the few Danish global strongholds with a significant industry; which includes world-leading brands and worldwide acknowledged research and education institutions.

Strong Danish sound innovation unfolded

The professional strengths originate from the basic technological disciplines such as acoustics, transducer technologies and signal & information processing. Loudspeakers, headsets, microphones, hearing aids, amplifiers and measuring systems are just some of the application areas. Diversity is big, applications are still expanding and have potential to grow even more when sound is applied more in the area of healthcare & welfare, for environmental sound solutions, in creative sound solutions and future soundtech solutions. All areas where Denmark must continue to be at the forefront of sound innovation within research, applications, use and new business opportunities.

Headquarter for the cluster in Struer

Danish Sound Cluster was established in December 2019 as a continuation of the Danish Sound Network with 900 individual members and 200 enterprises. The organization will receive yearly grants of 5.5 Mio DKK to organize the cluster and facilitate activities.
Headlines are;

  • dissemination from knowledge institutions to industry,
  • matchmaking and networking,
  • innovation projects and collaborations,
  • incubation and
  • internationalization.

The secretariat of the Danish Sound Cluster will be operated by and embedded in Sound Hub Denmark in the same way as the secretariat of Danish Sound Network was formerly embedded in DTU.

Danish Sound Cluster will be hosted by Sound Hub Denmark with a branch office in the metropolitan area.


For more information, you are welcome to contact:

Peter Petersen, CEO of Sound Hub Denmark,
pp@soundhub.dk, tel: +45 40 45 65 69

Søren Bech, Chairman of Danish Sound Cluster,
sbe@bang-olufsen.dk. tel: +45 30 93 02 43

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