Sound Hub Denmark sparks interest at huge Asian conglomerates

Sound Hub Denmark participated in a Sound Innovation Camp in Seoul and Tokyo arranged by our partner Danish Sound Network together with Seoul – Innovation Centre Denmark and the Royal Danish Embassy in Tokyo. 

Participants were some of the most significant and relevant Asian companies such as Samsung, Hyundai Motors, Sony, Honda and Mitsubishi Electric and organisations such as Hanyang University and the start-up accelerator D.Camp. 

Attracting these huge and important companies to a sound event clearly demonstrates the reputation of the Danish sound industry in Asia. For Sound Hub Denmark, the event was a great success, as some of the companies expressed an interest in sending talents to Struer or even placing parts of their development teams on relevant projects in Sound Hub Denmark for a period of time. 

We look forward to continuing on this journey of spreading the word of the many facilities and possibilities Sound Hub will offer and getting closer to potential partners in Asia.

Check out the film from the event.

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  • Sound Hub Denmark – a new international technology and business hub in sound innovation – established in the former R&D facilities of Bang & Olufsen. 
  • 3.000 m2 of office space and workshops for start-ups, small and medium-sized companies and corporate teams. 
  • Access to exceptional sound test and measuring facilities.
  • EKTOS Testing & Reliability Services A/S in the same building.
  • Bang & Olufsen, Harman Lifestyle, Danish Sound Innovation – and Aalborg University – best engineering university in Europe
  • Sound Tech Accelerator developed in a cooperation with Accelerace – the best accelerator in Scandinavia in 2018
  • For further information – contact

Sound Hub Denmark A/S

Peter Bangs Vej 17

7600 Struer

CEO Peter Petersen, – Phone: +45 4045 6569

Sound Hub Denmark is a new international sound technology and innovation environment in Struer, Denmark, which will host and attract investors, entrepreneurs, researchers and established sound and acoustic companies. Partners in Sound Hub Denmark include leading global key players within the international audio industry; Bang & Olufsen, Harman Lifestyle, Aalborg University and Danish Sound Network. Sound Hub Denmark offers an innovative sound co-working and maker space with world-class measuring and test facilities and mentors from partners open for knowledge sharing. A cluster of SMEs with complementary competencies is within walking distance. Sound Hub Denmark will create an inspiring foundation for innovation, growth and jobs for companies and individuals that want to be world-class within their field. Sound Hub Denmark will also attract teams and departments from existing companies working with sound innovation and development, who can benefit from being a part of this hub for sound innovation, sound competences and emerging talents.

Kick-off: Ready to power up the first Sound hub programme

Seven international start-ups attend kick-off camp in Struer the next couple of days.

They are the first participants in the newly developed Sound-Tech Accelerator programme developed in a co-operation between Sound Hub Denmark and Accelerace. It is their first meeting with the coaches, who are following them the next 6 months. The companies are from seven different countries and have been selected among 30 applicants for the programme.

The participants were selected end of October by a panel with Libratone founder Tommy Andersen, TC Electronics founder Kim Rishøj and representatives from Bang & Olufsen and Harman Lifestyle. Twelve were selected in advance to produce a 3-minute video pitch followed by an online Q&A session. ’It was incredibly inspiring to see the idea substance, the ambition level and the dedication, which the start-ups presented’, explains Peter Petersen, CEO of Sound Hub Denmark. The products range from speakers and toys with sound to professional studio equipment and cloud solutions. It is going to be exciting to help them succeed’”

The Sound-Tech Accelerator programme is the first dedicated sound accelerator programme in the world developed by Accelerace in a cooperation with Sound Hub Denmark. Over a period of six months, the start-ups get help to refine and test their sound product and identify, test, and execute a scalable business model. Advise is offered by three coaches from the industry, mentors from Harman Lifestyle, Bang & Olufsen and others. Workshops and camps will be held, and the participants will get access to test labs and measuring facilities in Sound Hub Denmark and access to a large group of highly skilled local companies in Struer, who can support with additional competences in a wide range of areas.

Next deadline

The Sound Tech Accelerator is planned to run several times a year over the coming years if we have qualified applicants. So far, we have identified more than 700 international sound start-ups and our screening of these continues. The application deadline for the next round is January 31, 2019, which is the same time the participants on this first team are back in Struer for their next camp.


Sound Hub Denmark – a new international technology and business hub in sound innovation – established in the former R&D facilities of Bang & Olufsen.

3.000 m2 of office space and workshops for start-ups, small and medium-sized companies and corporate teams.

Access to exceptional sound test and measuring facilities.

EKTOS Testing & Reliability Services A/S in the same building.

Bang & Olufsen, Harman Lifestyle, Danish Sound Innovation – and Aalborg University – best engineering university in Europe

Sound Tech Accelerator developed in a cooperation with Accelerace – the best accelerator in Scandinavia in 2018


Day 1 experiences: Made by Struer, City of Sound (video)

Sound Hub invests double digit million-DKK in coworking facilities in historic settings

A world-class incubator environment

A world-class incubator environment to attract companies and individuals working with sound from all over the world sends out its first sound waves. The location of Sound Hub Denmark in the iconic Bang & Olufsen factory buildings dating back to 1946 will undergo a total renovation on the inside to provide modern office facilities, workshops and acoustic measuring facilities to be ready for the new residents early 2019.

With a double digit million-DKK investment from investors, the reconstruction of this iconic factory building is now in progress. The building will be renovated with respect for its origin and original architecture and unique natural lighting from its ½ kilometer shed roof.

Now a ‘blank canvas’ – but soon converting into a one-of-its-kind sound incubator with 3000 m2 inspiring and modern offices, meeting rooms and workshops for the new residents. With professional acoustic test facilities and all other relevant amenities for individuals or companies that are looking to join the Sound Hub.

The interior will include large open space office environments – a so-called coworking space – where start-ups and smaller companies will have rich opportunities to informally share challenges and experiences of success. In addition, the hub will offer private offices, a networking square and meeting rooms. The renovation will also include so-called makerspaces for companies to build, measure and test models and prototypes in professional workshops, labs and demo facilities. The Bang & Olufsen Cube (1.728 m3) for sound measurements will remain and supplemented by other types of listening rooms.

First movers

From Sound Hub Denmark, EKTOS Testing & Reliability Services A/S has leased the former Bang & Olufsen test lab and rented office space in the basement. EKTOS will be able to assist residents with a variety of different types of tests, such as electromagnetic compatibility tests, environmental and reliability tests.

When the renovation is completed early next year, the Sound Start-Ups selected for the first Sound-Tech Accelerator program will move in.

Ektos relocates to Sound Hub Denmark

More options in accredited testing

The new test lab is expected to be part of the EKTOS TRS current accrediting in the near future. EMC tests and advanced HALT tests will be in focus as key services offered.

”At the moment we have a very small number of accredited test labs. With our facilities we can offer EMC tests, mechanical tests, climatic tests for electronics companies in the vicinity. It also increases our flexibility for our existing customers, as we can carry out simultaneous tests in two different locations, explains Kennet Palm, Managing Director of EKTOS TRS.

Cooperation with Sound Hub Denmark

EKTOS will join forces with Sound Hub Denmark in strengthening the innovation environment in the international cluster of experts in sound design and technology.

”We look forward to cooperate with the innovative and creative companies in Sound Hub Denmark. If they need to carry out a test, they can just come to EKTOS and in this way we can help them reach their targets faster. Also, we can use their knowledge in sound and acoustics, something which will strengthen our competences both in terms of offering development and test services, explains Kennet Palm.

Niels Martin Jørgensen, Group Manager of EKTOS, adds:”We have had great experiences working with start-ups and smaller companies. As the EKTOS group works in all phases of the development of electronics – from specifications, development, prototyping, test and certification, we can contribute with guidance and services throughout the entire process. We think it is really interesting to work with start-ups as they constantly challenge status quo, and apply the latest technologies.”

CEO of Sound Hub Denmark, Peter Petersen, comments: ”EKTOS TRS takes over the part of the former Bang & Olufsen lab that does not deal with sound and acoustics specifically. In the labs they carry out certified EMC tests, mechanical and climatic tests, and requirements that have to be met by all products. The agreement means that Sound Hub Denmark can focus entirely on Sound. EKTOS TRS will not just run the labs, but also upgrade and develop them. Our users will benefit from the immediate access to these laboratories. However, EKTOS is more than testing – we also get a competent development partner in the house, which I’m sure our users will benefit from.

Sound Hub Denmark expands management team

On September 1, Sound Hub Denmark will welcome Rie Kold Pripsø as Chief Commercial Officer, responsible for marketing, sales and community building and -activities.

Peter Petersen and Rie Kold Pripsø in front of what is to become the headquarters of Sound Hub Denmark

Rie Kold Pripsø has been 21 years with Bang & Olufsen with different responsibilities such as Key Account Manager, Product & Business Manager as well as in positions within Procurement and Brand/Marketing.


Rie Kold Pripsø’s responsibilities in Sound Hub Denmark will also comprise developing commercial opportunities, expansion of the Hub community and broadening awareness to strengthen SHDK relationships with both exiting and new business partners to join the Hub.

‘I very much look forward to having Rie Kold Pripsø onboard’ states Peter Petersen, CEO. ‘Rie has an extremely diverse background I’m sure her experience and competencies will make a difference in her new position at Sound Hub Denmark. To give birth to the world’s first international sound-tech hub,  is not an easy task, but I’m convinced that her versatile experience from many different areas together with her personal drive and commitment will bring a new dimension to the Sound Hub Denmark team in both business development and the search for partnerships’.

‘I really look forward to this new challenge’, states Rie Kold Pripsø. ‘Leaving Bang & Olufsen is not an easy decision, but the job description and ambition level of Sound Hub Denmark was simply too tempting, and for me an opportunity to add a new dimension to the experience I already have’. 

‘Audio and acoustics are areas I’ve had close to my heart in my previous position as Key Account Manager leading the product and business optimisation of the Bang & Olufsen partnership with Harman – bringing true Bang & Olufsen experiences into luxury and premium car brands – and as Product & Business Manager for Audio in Bang & Olufsen’s core business. Hence, I have both heart and skills to invest in this interesting task of bringing Sound Hub Denmark on the world map.’ 

What is Sound Hub Denmark in brief?

Sound Hub Denmark is established with a start-up investment of 50 mill DKK and 9,000 square meters of space in the former development department of Bang & Olufsen, which includes unique sound measuring and test facilities, workshops and office space. Sound Hub Denmark is for companies and individuals, that work with sound. And it is sound in the widest possible sense e.g. music recording, – music distribution and – streaming, signal processing, sound reproduction in speakers and headphones, sound applied in the health sector for treatment and therapy – or entirely new products or areas relating to sound. 

Sound Hub Denmark is currently working with Accelerace to finalise and recruit startups for the first tailored sound accelerator program that will run Sound Hub Denmark later this year. Application deadline is August 24.

For questions please contact: Peter Petersen, CEO – – Phone +45 4045 6569

See more about Sound Hub Denmark on


Sound Hub Denmark is a new international sound technology and innovation environment in Struer, Denmark, which will host and attract investors, entrepreneurs, researchers and established sound and acoustic companies. Partners in Sound Hub Denmark include leading global key players within the international audio industry; Bang & Olufsen, Harman Lifestyle, Aalborg University and Danish Sound. Sound Hub Denmark offers an innovative sound co-working space with world class measuring and test facilities and mentors from partners open for knowledge sharing. A cluster of SMEs with complementary competencies is within walking distance. We will create an inspiring foundation for innovation, growth and jobs for companies and individuals that want to be world-class within their field. Sound Hub Denmark will also attract teams and departments from existing companies working with sound innovation and development, and who can benefit from being a part of this hub for sound innovation, sound competences and emerging talents. 

Denmark is now home to Europe’s most ambitious sound tech accelerator

Located in the heart of Denmark, Sound Hub Denmark is now ready to help startups from all over the world in their journey to become the next sound and audio superstar. And with unique facilities such as a robustness lab, listening and power test rooms, and a speaker measurement cube the road to success has a new, sweet tune.

This year, Sound Hub Denmark raised 50 million DKR in funding to become Europe’s most extensive sound tech cluster. Now, the hub is getting ready to take in the first batch of national as well as international startups with unique facilities rarely found in Northern Europe.

The concept consists of three main elements; a co-working space, a maker space, and a knowledge space. The test facilities include a robustness lab for various climate and mechanical test, three listening rooms, several workshops, an accredited EMC and safety lab, and a speaker measurement cube only found one other place in Denmark and generally a rare sight in Europe and the World.

“Startups can’t rely solely on money to succeed reaching their goals. They also need an array of resources like access to knowledge and test facilities, which is especially important to startups working with physical products. With the new Sound Hub Denmark we are gathering all these resources in one place, where the whole package is made available to startups in our accelerator,” says Thomas Wiborg Steen, Business Accelerator and Investment Manager, Accelerace.

Accelerace will be responsible for the 6-month program that helps startups achieve success through training, test facilities, funding, and business development. Accelerace has experience in attracting international audio and sound startups to Denmark through the project Next Step Challenge in 2016, a collaboration with Bang & Olufsen, that got about 100 startups to apply for the program.

The ambition for Sound Hub Denmark is to create the World’s leading sound cluster in Struer, a cozy Danish city already known as the City of Sound.

“We will expand the pool of talent by attracting international talent, but we are also building a community for existing talent in the country within the audio and sound space. This will create a positive dynamic between the startups and between the established companies and the startups for them to learn from each other,” says Peter Torstensen, CEO of Accelerace.

Besides Accelerace the partners in Sound Hub Denmark include Aalborg University, Danish Sound Network, the municipality of Struer, Færchfonden, Bang & Olufsen and Harman Lifestyle.

Get more info about the Sound Hub-accelerator here or contact Thomas Wiborg Steen for more information at

Stor interesse fra regeringens side om Struers satsning på lyd

I november sidste år var Statsminister Lars Løkke Rasmussen på besøg. I dag mandag den 14. maj 2018 kommer Finansminister Kristian Jensen for at se, hvad vi har gang i her i Struer Kommune.

Finansministeren skal besøge Sound Hub Denmark, et nyt iværksættermiljø for virksomheder med speciale i lyd og akustik som i april 2018 fik finansieringen på plads, så man kan gå i gang med etableringen i Struer i en del af Bang & Olufsens tidligere hovedbygning.

Der er en samlet investering på 50 millioner kr. bag Sound Hub Denmark, og Struer kan gøre klar til at slå dørene op til et nyt internationalt udviklingsmiljø i verdensklasse.

Skal landets Finansminister interessere sig for det? Selvfølgelig. Kristian Jensen ved mere end nogen anden i Danmark, at velfærd her til lands hviler på, at vi har virksomheder i verdensklasse, som hver dag sælger ydelser til både nærmarkederne i EU og resten af verden. 

Formålet med Sound Hub Denmark – den nye erhvervsklynge i Struer – er at udvikle virksomheder og produkter, som skal bidrage med arbejdspladser i Struer Kommune, men selvfølgelig også til Danmarks husholdning.

Derfor kommer Kristian Jensen og ser huset, hvor både iværksættere, forskere og etablerede lydvirksomheder får til huse.

Finansministeren skal desuden besøge en af virksomhederne bag Sound Hub Denmark, Harman Lifestyle, der er ejet af Samsung, som i forvejen ligger i Struer tæt op ad Sound Hub’en. Harman Lifestyle er netop et godt eksempel på en virksomhed, som har placeret sine spidskompetencer på udvikling af lyd til biler mm. i Struer, og som nu vil have gavn af det miljø, som etableres.

Det er Peter Petersen, nyudnævnt direktør, Sound Hub Denmark, Struer der er vært for Kristian Jensen ved besøget i dag.

Nærmere ved 

DK-7600 Struer
Tlf. +45 9612 7600

CEO Peter Petersen
Tlf.: +45 4045 6569

Million-DKK investment is in place: Sound Hub Denmark is ready to create jobs and the entrepreneurs of the future

With a total investment of DKK 50 million, Sound Hub Denmark has now secured its financing and can get ready to open up to a new international sound development environment in Struer, Denmark. Sound Hub Denmark will host entrepreneurs, researchers and established sound and acoustic companies. 

The partners in Sound Hub Denmark include leading global key players within the international audio industry Bang & Olufsen and Harman Lifestyle, owned by Samsung. They open up to share knowledge, competences and unique test facilities with companies, entrepreneurs and institutions to create an inspiring foundation for innovators, growth and jobs.

Aalborg University, Danish Sound Network, Accelerace, Struer Municipality with the Vald. Birn Holding and the Faerch Foundation are also on the list of founding partners. Martin Vang Hansen, Director of the Faerch Foundation states: ‘With this unique sound incubation environment, we expect we will be able to attract ambitious companies and partners in the audio industry from around the world. Partners that will be able to create the world’s leading sound development centre in Struer, already known as the City of Sound, support creation of new jobs, develop the entrepreneurs of the future, and expand the Danish position in sound and acoustics even further’.

The director of Sound Hub Denmark is Peter Petersen, former Director of Technology at Bang & Olufsen, and during the past several years head of two business incubators BusinessPark Struer and Nupark in Holstebro.

  • ‘With this financing in place, we have reached an important milestone in the project. At the same time, we now have two global sound brands and Aalborg University, internationally acknowledged for research and education in acoustics and signal processing. This is an incredibly strong starting point to create a world leading hub for sound innovation, states Peter Petersen.

Accelerace will be in charge of recruiting exceptionally talented entrepreneurs from around the globe, who will be invited to Struer participate in a specialised accelerator programme, that will enable them to scale their businesses and attract investors. Accelerace has had positive experience in recruiting international sound start-ups to Denmark through the Next Step Challenge 2016, a collaboration with Bang & Olufsen, where more than 100 audio companies from around the world applied for a spot in an audio challenge.

Sound Hub Denmark also has top political attention from among others the Danish Finance Minister, Kristian Jensen, who has followed the project on the sideline

  • The Danish sound and acoustic industry has proud traditions and Struer has been a natural focus point. I’m very pleased with this initiative to strengthen the cooperation to develop our excellences in acoustics. When knowledge is transformed into products and solutions that are competitive internationally, it is not just Struer but all of Denmark that benefits. 

In addition to entrepreneurs, Sound Hub Denmark will also work to attract teams or departments from existing audio companies, that can benefit from being a part of this centre for innovation, competences and emerging talents. Danish Sound Network will join in as well and contribute with seminars for specialists, conferences, hackathons and collaborative projects with universities, companies and organisations in Denmark and abroad.

Prior to the opening later in 2018, offices, equipment and facilities will be furnished to match the ambition to further develop a strong innovative sound hub in an area, that already is the home of a number of companies, subcontractors and spin-offs in the field of audio and electronics.

For further information:


DK-7600 Struer

Phone: +45 9612 7600

CEO Peter Petersen

Phone: +45 4045 6569


Bang & Olufsen

Bang & Olufsen is founded in Struer, where the company for now more than 92 years has developed iconic, innovative audio and video products based on core competences in acoustics, design and craftsmanship. Bang & Olufsen is joining in on Sound Hub Denmark with an ambition to strengthen the regional development environment in sound and acoustics. We expect that the combination of researchers, entrepreneurs and established companies will ensure a strong competence platform which will benefit the entire audio business in the long term. 


HARMAN ( develops audio products for the car industry, consumer industry and professional sound experts all over the world. It is therefore a great pleasure that will be involved in a local Sound Hub Denmark initiative to strengthen our R&D centre’s global reach.  With leading audio brands such as AKG®, Harman Kardon®, Infinity®, JBL®, Lexicon®, Mark Levinson® and Revel®, HARMAN is appreciated by audiophiles and musicians wherever they are, and more than 50 million cars on the roads today have a HARMAN developed sound and connected car system inside. In March 2017, HARMAN became a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Danish Sound Network

Sound Hub Denmark is a solid contribution to the sound sector, which for a long time has been a strong position for Denmark with more than 1% of the BNP and 28,000 employees. For Danish Sound Network, Sound Hub Denmark is a timely investment in a Denmark that is becoming an increasingly stronger player in the field of acoustics. We look forward to joining in on a continued and increasing focus on increasing innovation capacity and exploit the unique sound solutions that Denmark has to offer.


Accelerace is one of the world’s top 10 seed accelerators. Since 2008, Accelerace has found, trained and invested in more than 500 of the most promising Danish and international entrepreneurs and growth companies. 88% of the companies are still in the market today. As part of the national Scale-Up Denmark initiative, Accelerace is scaling start-ups within technology, food industry, cleantech, life science og welfare innovations through assistance from experienced series innovator, camps and networks. As part of Sound Hub Denmark, Accelerace gets the opportunity to become part of a highly specialised development environment with own test facilities and access to experts in sound and acoustics. A couple of years ago, Accelerace was behind the Next Step Challenge programme in a cooperation with Bang & Olufsen. It is the success of this project that has led to the cooperation between Sound Hub Denmark and Accelerace. 

Aalborg University

Aalborg University (AAU) was founded in 1974 and has three campuses: Aalborg, Esbjerg and Copenhagen. There are approximately 20,700 ordinary students (Bachelor’s and Master’s) and around 850 PhD students. AAU is known for an innovative problem- and project-based approach to learning (PBL) where students solve real problems in conjunction with businesses and organizations in team-based projects. AAU is widely known for partnering with industry, and has a strong focus on research and research-based teaching in sound and acoustics, including the latest techniques in Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, the Internet of Things, etc. AAU is taking part in Sound Hub Denmark with the expectation that it can strengthen cooperation with industry, increase the number of start-up companies based on innovative Master’s and PhD projects, provide access to new laboratories and large amounts of measurement data from real-world systems, and inspire new, challenging, societally relevant issues that can be included AAU’s teaching and research.

Struer, City of Sound 

Struer has over the past five years developed the concept the City of Sound as a development platform for the entire council. We are continuing the heritage from the innovators which once had this great idea and dedication to carry it out and ensure global impact. Sound and acoustics is a great part of the development of Struer and we want this to continue to be the case – therefore Sound Hub Denmark is a project that the city council has high expectations for support wholeheartedly. The Struer Council wants to create optimum local conditions for a world class, international incubator environment for sound and acoustics in Struer, and become attractive to companies that stand out in this area – to make Denmark first movers now and in the future. 

The Faerch Foundation

Founded in 1984 by Kirsten og Jørgen Færch. The foundation is a business directed foundation based in Holstebro. Its vision is to make a difference in the North Western part of Jutland by supporting innovation, growth and other initiatives and develop businesses, innovation, cultural and educational activities in the area. The Foundation has invested in Nupark Innovation A/S in Holstebro, the business development programme Accelerace, and the Social Capital Foundation Invest K/S.