EOT focuses on sound technology with a new event area

Danish sound technology is truly world-class, and as the sound industry is a major buyer of electronic components, the EOT – Electronics of Tomorrow trade fair is this year expanding with an event area dedicated to sound. The Wave is the name of the area that can be experienced when EOT takes place on 9-11 May 2023 at MCH Messecenter Herning, Denmark.

Sound and electronics are two closely related elements in the modern world, and we surround ourselves with both everywhere. For the same reason, it is obvious that EOT – Electronics of Tomorrow this year dedicates a large event area to sound – an area showcasing both exhibitions, innovative entrepreneurship, examples of sound technology, and a conference featuring specific cases and exciting researchers.

The area has been created in collaboration with Sound Hub Denmark and Danish Sound Cluster, and which, with its ambitious format, is generating great enthusiasm at MCH A/S.

We have observed a great demand for having the sound industry represented at EOT, and we are pleased that with such strong partners, we can ensure a high level of professionalism and innovation in this field. Denmark is at the forefront of sound technology, and it is therefore only natural that the industry is represented at EOT, which focuses on the technology of the future,

says Christina Rosenlund, Project Manager at MCH A/S.

The new event area will be buzzing with sound, acoustics, technology, and innovation, and it has been given the name The Wave, which refers to both sound waves and new trends. All senses will be stimulated in the area, and both established players in the industry and aspiring entrepreneurs on the rise will be present.

Danish Sound Cluster is a membership-based association that bridges the gap between companies, entrepreneurs, and knowledge institutions with the main purpose of supporting the innovation strength of the Danish sound industry and helping to create more growth in the industry. That is why Danish Sound Cluster is very happy to be a partner at EOT’s new event area.

The Wave highlights the Danish sound industry, which with 50,000 employees deserves a completely different level of attention than it is currently receiving. The industry accounts for four percent of Danish exports and has an annual turnover of DKK 70 billion, while at the same time crying out for qualified manpower,

says Torben Vilsgaard, CEO of Danish Sound Cluster, and he continues:

This is why it is very important to create visibility and awareness of the industry and its many attractive jobs. And one of the purposes of The Wave is thus, as far as we are concerned, to clarify what the Danish sound industry is actually capable of. There is a high level of innovation – for instance, the technology used in Danish hearing aids is significantly more advanced than the technology used in many of the tech giants’ products.

Sound Hub Denmark: Sound to excite and unfold at EOT

Sound Hub Denmark, the world’s first international sound technology and innovation environment for companies and entrepreneurs, has also a clear agenda for the purpose of The Wave exposure.

We aim to make sound relevant in industries other than the usual ones by inspiring the industries that need sound in their products – and those that don’t yet realise that they have a need. In addition, we aim to spread awareness of how strong Denmark is in the field of sound,

states Peter Petersen, CEO of Sound Hub Denmark, and continues:

Our overall goal is to attract talent and knowledge jobs to Denmark, and we see EOT as a good opportunity to unfold sound and stimulate an even greater utilisation of the country’s position of strength in sound. This can be done through more cross-sector partnerships, the use of world-class facilities, and ultimately a physical presence here in Denmark. Innovation, talent development, and entrepreneurship, as well as learning communities, are at the forefront of our minds.

It is the ambition that with The Wave, EOT will be the permanent meeting place for the sound industry in the future. A place where people can meet, find inspiration, acquire knowledge, see what’s new on the market, and meet the rest of the electronics industry.


About EOT – Electronic of Tomorrow
EOT – Electronics of Tomorrow will take place on 9-11 May 2023 at MCH Messecenter, Herning, Denmark. Check the program and register for FREE with the Sound Hub Denmark code on EOT-expo.com. Come and meet us  – code: SHD-EOT23 gives you FREE access all 3 days.

The wave

New partnership behind innovative accelerator program

Sound Hub Denmark establishes partnership with Danish Creative Industries (DCI) to generate better scaling possibilities for sound technology startups.

Denmark should be the world’s best place to develop and operate businesses using sound technology.
This is the ambition behind a new partnership between Sound Hub Denmark and Danish Creative Industries, which is now establishing an ambitious and innovative accelerator program for international sound technology startups named: SoundTech Accelerator.

Denmark is already a world leader in sound, and we can become even better according to the partners behind the accelerator program.
Sound Hub Denmark’s CEO Peter Petersen states the following about the ambition for the accelerator:

The Danish sound industry, which already employs 52,000 people and accounts for more than 4 percent of Danish exports, must be lifted even higher to remain the world’s best country for sound innovation.

Technological development has led to growth and a greater dispersion of the use of sound technology across industries, e.g., within the health sector. The two partners believe that more creative and innovative solutions are needed to make full use of the business potential.

The SoundTech Accelerator Program aims at international and creative startups, where sound is a part of the solution or challenge and who want to fully exploit their business potential. The program provides tools and tailored guidance to meet the individual startup’s challenges and equips them to utilize their potential faster. The program has a balanced focus on assistance with both product and business maturity.

Founder of Danish Creative Industries, Kristian Riis states about the program;

The importance of creating strong companies focusing on sound is huge for all people. As a musician and entrepreneur, I see not only the SoundTech Accelerator as the key to more successful businesses but also in terms of better lives with a higher quality of life.

The partnership brings together a wide range of experience in attracting, helping, and building viable startups. With a shared attitude of being stronger together, both parties want to share their knowledge with startups so they can grow and develop their full potential and strength, and hereby equip these companies of the future in the best possible way.

Sound Hub Denmark supports sound companies through a wide range of attractive offers, which include access to a sound-specific co-working environment, tailored help and advice, a network of world-renowned sound companies and experts, advanced workshops and test facilities, etc.

Danish Creative Industries is a platform that brings together creative Danish industries and investors. DCI works to promote knowledge, networking, and access to capital for creative businesses that want to take their business to the next level.

The SoundTech Accelerator Program is realized with support from Bang & Olufsen, Accelerace, The Faerch Foundation, and Vald. Birn Holding. Additional sponsors and partners will be announced on an ongoing basis.


About Danish Creative Industries
DCI is a platform that unites creative Danish industries. They work to promote knowledge, networks, and access to capital for creative companies. Since DCI’s public launch in November 2021, with the event series DCI GO!, DCI has visited several Danish cities with a focus on bringing creatives, investors, and industry organizations together. DCI works to fulfill the potential by supporting ecosystems where creative companies have easy access to advice, knowledge, networks, advocacy, and funding, while the public organisations, investors, and industry associations have access to the greatest talents. The creative industries can learn from each other and develop by being inspired by those who do it the best.

FORCE Technology establishes partnership with Sound Hub Denmark 

FORCE Technology and Sound Hub Denmark have established a partnership on product sound quality tests to support sound innovation in Denmark

FORCE Technology’s SenseLab is one of the world’s leading independent labs for perceptual sound quality testing. Sound Hub Denmark is a world-class sound and acoustics growth hub for startups, SMEs, and corporations.

Joining forces, FORCE Technology and Sound Hub Denmark can offer a unique combination of testing and innovation within the subjective and objective evaluation of product sound quality. The aim of the cooperation is to support and strengthen the competitiveness of Danish sound technology businesses with the newest research and innovation, state-of-the-art testing facilities, highly specialised skills, and access to physical and virtual sound labs.

As one of Denmark’s largest government-approved research and technology organisations, we exist for others, and it is our duty to take the lead in helping Danish companies become technological and sustainable frontrunners. We are very pleased with this new partnership because we get to support, develop, and strengthen especially the SMEs within the Danish audio industry,

says Søren Vase Legarth, Head of SenseLab at FORCE Technology.


The partnership will provide startups, SMEs, corporates, and students access to the following at Sound Hub Denmark:

  • The software platform SenseLabOnline for audio/visual testing and demonstration of new technologies and sound solutions
  • Effective blinded test of loudspeakers through the use of speaker spinners
  • Trained expert listening panel that can offer independent sound quality evaluation services
  • Co-working at Sound Hub’s international office & coworking spaces
  • Access to Sound Hub’s world class makerspace & test facilities equipment and
  • Our collaborative learning environment tailored for sound businesses

We are excited about this partnership and look forward to offering these highly recognised subjective and objective tests from FORCE Technology to our network,

says Peter Petersen, CEO at Sound Hub Denmark.


About FORCE Technology
FORCE Technology is a technology consultancy and service company which strives to create positive technological change and make the world more sustainable and safer. As one of the large GTS institutes in Denmark, they are at the same time an important part of the backbone of the Danish innovation system. At their world-leading independent lab for sound quality testing, SenseLab, they view perceptual evaluation as a vital part of product development and benchmarking. Their team of reputable sound experts help clients develop products optimised for the expectations and needs of end-users when it comes to audio, visual and user experience evaluation. Most global hi-tech products with a sound aspect within industries like broadcast and codec, loudspeakers and headphones, hearing aids and automotive have passed through the ears and hands of their experts over the past 20 years. Clients include Jabra, ETSI/3GPP, Phonak, Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG), GN ReSound, Google, Widex, Siemens and the Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR).

A unique position in the world of sound attracts groundbreaking international micro-speaker start-up to Struer  

SonicEdge – an Israeli start-up working in high-quality MEMS silicon speakers – has just established a Danish business unit at Sound Hub Denmark in Struer.   

The market for silicon speakers – so-called Micro Electro Mechanical System (MEMS) speakers – shows excellent potential and exponential growth. The technology is specifically suited for hearing aids, headsets, true wireless earphones (TWS) and the so-called hearables. 

So far, we have only seen very few providers of this innovative and disruptive technology, introducing significantly smaller, more energy-efficient and robust speaker solutions without compromising on sound quality.  

Such a game changing speaker is being developed by SonicEdge using modulated ultrasound to generate high quality sound from the world’s smallest speaker – a company with now also a Danish business unit registered.  

Moving closer to customers and suppliers

Establishing a Danish business unit serves many different purposes: Securing access to some of the audio specialists Denmark has fostered; and benefitting from the support of the unique ecosystem that Sound Hub provides in business development and technology.   

We already have Danish investors and key competencies associated. Opening a business unit at Sound Hub Denmark is a natural next step to expand and get closer to our customers and partners in Denmark. To establish a business unit in this unique development cluster and get access to the resources, competencies and matchmaking possibilities which Sound Hub Denmark provides is unique and perfect for us,  

according to Director of SonicEdge Joel Beilin, who has been working with Oticon and Siemens.

Denmark is an active choice

The establishment of a business unit in Denmark and within the EU and the ability to be part of a dedicated sound environment in Sound Hub Denmark is an active choice, states the founders Ari Mizrachi and Moti Margalit from Israel:  

There are so many good reasons for doing business in Denmark. We find wonderful people with an amazingly open culture for collaboration and knowledge sharing. A labour market with a highly developed technological infrastructure makes it attractive to do business here. We can find investors who genuinely understand our business, audio companies, which potentially can become future customers, and universities with audio technology as their primary focus. This means we can access the newest know-how and potentially highly qualified employees.   

The world’s smallest loudspeaker
– groundbreaking technology

SonicEdge is currently developing their state-of-the art Speaker-In-Chip solutions as the world’s smallest loudspeaker. A paradigm shift for the way we make sound, based on an exceptional and patented sound technology. Its ultra-compact and unique sound quality positions it as the next generation in micro-speakers for headphones, in-ears and other portable audio products.   

Since our first dialogue with SonicEdge more than two years ago, we can see a remarkable increase in market interest for small and more energy efficient technologies. This trend makes SonicEdge a perfect match for the Sound Hub community. We see a mutual benefit of having SonicEdge represented at our premises,  

CEO of Sound Hub Denmark Peter Petersen explains.

Looking for employees

SonicEdge has several patents which protect the technology, providing them with a unique performance among providers of micro-speakers. They differentiate on mainly on footprint, robustness, and power consumption. The company has activities in Israel and is currently looking for employees to build up the Danish R&D department.   


About SonicEdge
SonicEdge has developed a groundbreaking Speaker-In-Chip solution specifically designed to deliver a unique audio experience. This breakthrough exploits a patented sound design based on ultrasound technology, MEMS-chip design and implementation combined with a new approach to generating sound. Its ultra-compact sizes and amazing sound quality positions this solution as next generation speakers for earphones and other audio applications. The company grows with exponential speed. We have a team of highly qualified employees, great market feedback and POC from various large players in the market and numerous patents and investments from leading industrialists. With us, the future sounds fantastic.  

Sound Hub er frontløber i ny bog om fremtidens vækst

Sound Hub Denmark spiller en central rolle i den første bog på dansk om bæredygtige corporate-startup miljøer. Bogen sætter fokus på, hvordan etablerede virksomheder kan blive en del af fremtidens vækst ved at samarbejde med nytænkende iværksættere og andre samarbejdspartnere

Hvad kan startups, som vi ikke kan? Det spørgsmål stilles i titlen på en ny bog, som skal inspirere etablerede virksomheder til at skabe vækst gennem partnerskaber med bæredygtige startups.  

Innovative miljøer og partnerskaber omkring virksomheder er den nye superkraft, som kan accelerere den bæredygtige vækst – hvis de designes rigtigt. Sound Hub Denmark er en frontløber i forhold til, hvordan man kan lykkes med det.

Sådan siger Freja Ludvigsen, der er forfatter til bogen, ”Hvad kan startups, som vi ikke kan? En guide til bæredygtig vækst i partnerskaber”. Hun var fra 2015-2021 erhvervsudviklingschef i en af landets største erhvervskommuner, Gladsaxe Kommune, hvor hun havde ansvar for netop at skabe partnerskaber mellem store virksomheder som Alfa Laval, Novo Nordisk, Novozymes, ISS, Forenede Service m.fl. og mindre virksomheder samt startups. Her satte hun corporate-startup miljøer på dagsordenen. Men hun opdagede, at beslutningen om at åbne dørene for startups kan være svær for etablerede virksomheder.  

Hvis den stabile virksomheds markedskendskab og ledelseskraft kombineres med den nystartede virksomheds agilitet og kreativitet kan der skabes en situation, hvor idé- og vidensdeling bidrager positivt til begge parters vækst. Bogen skal ses som en guide til beslutningstagere i etablerede virksomheder, der gerne vil øge deres innovationskraft gennem samarbejde med bæredygtige startups, men som er i tvivl om, hvordan de gør i praksis, og hvordan de styrer uden om dilemmaer og risici,

fortæller Freja Ludvigsen, der i dag driver virksomheden Partnerskaberen, hvor hun hjælper virksomheder, kommuner og organisationer med bæredygtig vækst, innovation og partnerskaber.

Stærk lokal case med international tiltrækningskraft

Sound Hub Denmark er med i bogen som case på, hvordan man skaber miljøer, hvor etablerede virksomheder og iværksættere kan teste og udvikle nye produkter sammen. Her fortæller Peter Petersen, CEO, og Rie Kold Pripsø, CCO, om hvad det har krævet at opbygge et verdensklasseudviklingsmiljø og lærende fællesskab for lyd og akustik i Bang & Olufsens historiske bygninger fra 1946.   

Miljøet adskiller sig fra nogle af de andre miljøer i bogen, der er skabt i direkte tilknytning til en specifik virksomhed. Det er miljøer som NIRAS Green Tech Hub i Allerød og Alfa Laval Innovation House i Gladsaxe.  

Sound Hub Denmark er en fantastisk case på, hvordan et stærkt partnerskab på tværs af virksomheder, universitet, kommune, fonde og erhvervsfremme kan skabe et corporate-startup miljø sammen, som danner et internationalt orienteret økosystem, der både gavner de etablerede virksomheder, tiltrækker nye virksomheder og bidrager til lokalsamfundets vækst,

siger Freja Ludvigsen.

Skaber det rette match

Freja Ludvigsen interviewer i bogen Peter Petersen og Rie Kold Pripsø og spørger til miljøet i Sound Hub Denmark. 

Vi er formidlere, som sørger for, at der opstår det rette match mellem eksempelvis en virksomhed og startup, eller freelancer (konsulent) og startup, som gør, at det bliver succesfuldt for begge parter. Startup-virksomhedernes mindset er at beskæftige sig med det, der gavner dem mest muligt her og nu.  De har hverken tid eller finansiering til at være tre måneder i en venteposition i forhold til en test eller afklaringsproces med en virksomhed,

fortæller Peter Petersen. 

Hvis man vil skabe partnerskaber, der har fordele for begge parter, bør de mødes på den samme spilleplade. Vores rolle er at overkomme kulturforskellene og være mægler mellem de to parter, så de forstår hinanden,

uddyber Rie Kold Pripsø.

De stedbundne kvaliteter

Hvad er deres råd til andre, der gerne vil lave et miljø med mange partnerskaber og mange bundlinjer? 

Vi hører flere sige, at vores styrke er den stedbundne kompetence og kvalitet. Vi har noget at have det i.
Det betyder noget i forhold til partnerskaberne og det engagement, der lægges for dagen. Ikke dermed sagt, man ikke kan bygge noget op fra bar mark, men vi har en fordel i områdets historie og DNA med en erhvervsudvikling funderet i design og god lyd i kombination,

fortæller Rie. 

Hvad får de store virksomheder ud af at være en del af miljøet? 

Det betyder noget for de større virksomheder, at de har adgang til den nyeste viden, innovationshøjde og spændende startups via den talentmasse, vi tiltrækker. De har ikke selv ansvaret for udviklingsmiljøet i Sound Hub, men bidrager aktivt med mentorskab, sparring, ekspertise og indlæg til gavn for iværksætterne og andre, som gæster os. De kan lettere stemple ind og ud, da de ikke har deres eget navn på spil. De får samtidig en mulighed for en dialog med startups, hvor de kan afsøge, om der er et match.

Hvad er jeres største styrke?  

Alle vore relationer bygger i høj grad på tillid. I udlandet starter du som oftest på nulpunktet og arbejder på at opbygge en tillidsrelation. I Danmark har vi som udgangspunkt 100% tillid, som man kan være uheldig at miste. Denne danske tilgang imponerer vores samarbejdsrelationer. Når startups konsulterer os, har vi grundlæggende tillid til dem, og tilbyder hjælp uden bagtanker om kapitalandele, opkøb eller andet. Det er en god kapitalform, og vores erfaring viser, at det giver et godt afkast i form af vækst, frugtbare samarbejder og innovative løsninger til samfundet,

slutter Rie. 


Om bogen
Freja Ludvigsen: ”Hvad kan startups, som vi ikke kan? En guide til bæredygtig vækst i partnerskab”
Forlaget Rethink Business
244 sider. Kan købes påSaxo, GuccaogBog&Idé
Gratis læseprøve findes på Partnerskaberen.dk

Being a part of Sound Hub is so much more

Being a part of Sound Hub is so much more than network and knowledge sharing – It is putting innovation on the top of the agenda.

One of the leading players in the wireless tech industry, RTX A/S today announces their membership and engagement in Sound Hub Denmark.

With more than 25 years of experience and know-how within the wireless industry RTX is one of the heavy players. This brings a lot of knowledge, which can benefit newcomers in the industry as well as ensure a constant lookout for where the industry is moving towards.

We have the ambition to create ground-breaking technologies while also creating value for our customers and end-users.

That’s why we are pleased to be a member of Sound Hub Denmark, as it on one side gives a lot of opportunities for direct and deeper insight into new application fields of sound, and on the other side a chance to share our knowledge to motivate start-ups in this hub – all to let the innovation thrive,

underlines Jens Christian Lindof, Vice President & CTO at RTX.

RTX has a market-leading position in wireless solutions. They design, develop, and manufacture wireless communication solutions within multiple industries. Professional audio solutions are one of their key areas, with research focus on continued improved performance like unsurpassed link stability and sound quality, while still maintaining low latency. A competence relevant for wireless microphones and headsets used for e.g. live events, studios, concerts and conferences, as well as gaming accessories such as keyboards, headsets, and mice.

As a member of Sound Hub, you get access to test facilities, advanced equipment, seminars as well as a ticket into this network of equally audio enthusiastic people – something that’s hard to find but gives so much value for both newbies and the experienced players,

continues Jens Christian Lindof.

With an innovative mindset RTX makes an effort to understand how the specific use cases can be optimized through wireless technology to make a difference and in the end help the user perform at their best.

Our experience shows that to really stimulate and nurture innovation; matchmaking with tech partners is often sought-after.

We are therefore pleased to also welcome RTX to our community and ecosystem. Understanding the importance of collaboration to speed up development should not be underestimated,

concludes Peter Petersen, CEO at Sound Hub Denmark.


About RTX 

RTX A/S is driven by digitalization and the demand for mobility and secure transmission. RTX has successfully finalized more than 1,000 wireless projects, ODM or OEM solutions in collaboration with global technology brands – from initial design, development, testing, and production. RTX operates through three main application areas: Enterprise solutions such as wireless systems including handsets, headsets, and base stations. Professional audio, including wireless microphones and other solutions for concerts and conferences, as well as gaming accessories such as keyboards, headsets, and mice as well as healthcare solutions where wireless systems are used for monitoring critically ill patients, among others. RTX makes an effort to understand how specific scenarios can be optimized through wireless technology to help the user perform at their best.

Photo: Noatronic solution demonstrating their wireless guitar system based on RTX technology

Design company KREAFUNK defies the corona crisis

Despite corona, the design company KREAFUNK is now stronger than ever with one million products sold and strong partnerships lined up with, e.g. Sound Hub Denmark

The owners of KREAFUNK, Ruben Fog-Fredsgaard and Kenneth Melchoff Bahsen, look back on ten years of growth and innovation with the lifestyle brand KREAFUNK. It has not always been a walk in the park.  

When corona hit the world, the turnover dropped by 80 per cent the first month. Despite this, the company came out after corona more robust and with one million sold products since 2011.  

“The initiatives we took during corona have been critical to getting KREAFUNK to where it is today. We accepted government aid and sent a large group of our staff home; and we’ve collaborated with investor and business angel Claus Hommelhoff to strengthen our company and ensure future growth. We lowered our zero-point turnover by 9 million Danish kroner by changing location and cutting away all non-vital costs. It was a process we started in 2019.”  

In addition, we continued product development of new commercial products with a higher margin to get to the best possible starting point when the international fairs reopened,

Kenneth Melchoff Bahnsen explains.   

It turned out to be a prudent strategy for KREAFUNK. When the Paris fair Maison & Objet reopened in the fall of 2021 with fewer exhibitors than normal, KREAFUNK was ready with a more extensive product portfolio of new products than ever before. The fair gave a better result than ever and opened up to new markets, including Japan, where KREAFUNK sees enormous potential.  

Extraordinary delays in deliveries also challenged KREAFUNK in Q4 2021, where seven containers did not arrive for the X-mas season via traditional freight options. The founders had to spend five million extra to get their sound products to Denmark.  

We knew it would affect our annual result, but also realised we had to make this decision, if we were to survive.

Kenneth Melchoff Bahsen continues. Since the beginning, KREAFUNKs sound products have been in most of the major Danish department stores such as Magasin, Salling and Bahne and with many different retailers across 30-35 other markets. 

“After the first ten years, we are delighted with our position in the Danish market and worldwide. But dreams run much higher than the 30-35 different markets we are in right now. Through a focused product and brand development and CSR approach, we believe we will be able to extend our brand awareness and position in these markets in the coming years and add more markets as well,” Ruben Fog-Fredsgaard concludes.  

Sound collaborations

Over the years, KREAFUNK has launched more exciting products; and established partnerships incl. essential collaborations with retailers and distributors that have strengthened its position.  

Also, the collaboration with Sound Hub Denmark – a global powerhouse for sound, technology and acoustics – is part of this approach.

Sound Hub facilitate matchmaking and builds bridges between companies. Such introductions and support have helped KREAFUNK tune into which current and future products they will take to the next level as part of their expansion plans.  



KREAFUNK is a Danish lifestyle brand designing sound products such as Bluetooth speakers, headphones, and designed power banks that match the latest trends in fashion and interior design and are updated with the latest technology inside. 

Photo credit: Julius Sønderhave and DucorProductions

Develco Enters into Partnership Agreement with Sound Hub Denmark 

With Bang & Olufsen, Struer is known as the City of Sound and attracts an ever-increasing number of interesting national and international sound projects. In the future, the development house Develco will be in Struer at Sound Hub Denmark.

Develco has +30 years of experience in realizing creative product ideas into finished products using development competences within electronics, embedded software, wireless communication and IoT (Internet of Things). Develco works with development projects for both established companies and entrepreneurs.

At Sound Hub Denmark, Develco now becomes a mentor and a sparring partner for the network of entrepreneurs, start-ups, freelancers, and established companies with sound projects. Develco contributes with new knowledge and competences within technologies such as low battery consumption and wireless communication via the communication protocols Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy BLE.

At Develco, we see many new initiatives in sound technology, which is why we have chosen to help the companies at Sound Hub Denmark to get started with their interesting ideas for new sound products. We look forward to being present in this professional sound cluster in Struer and collaborate with the audio companies and their creative ideas for future sound experiences,

says CEO/CSO Jakob Bjerre at Develco A/S.

At Sound Hub Denmark, we want to offer our users and tenants easy access to professional competences, and Develco is strengthening this offer.

Develco’s range of technology competences is in demand, and this makes us excited about the agreement that we are convinced will lead to faster and better product development,

concludes CEO Peter Petersen, Sound Hub Denmark.


About Develco A/S
Since 1989, Develco has been developing technological product solutions and managing electronics production for large industrial customers and innovative start-ups. The development projects are typically within IoT (Internet of Things), wireless communication technology, sensors, gateways, and motor controls, and Develco is constantly striving to work with the very latest technologies. Develco is a dynamic and agile organization with +25 employees and ensures the continuous development of the employees. Today, Develco is an independent company in the Trifork Group with +1000 employees.

Read more about Develco at www.develco.com.

Roku joins Sound Hub Denmark

Roku’s Danish Audio Team to join and support world-class sound, technology and acoustics growth hub fostering innovation within the field of audio.

Roku Inc. (NASDAQ: ROKU) and Sound Hub Denmark today announced its membership and participation in Sound Hub Denmark, a world-class sound and acoustics growth hub designed to foster innovation within the field of audio. Joining other members including Bang & Olufsen, Harman and Dynaudio, Roku’s Denmark-based audio and acoustics teams will provide coaching and mentoring – and present on topics around home theater and audio at Sound Hub Denmark events.

‘At Roku we have assembled teams of acoustic, wireless audio and DSP experts, with audio R&D and testing facilities around the world,’ said Brian Møller, vice president of Engineering, at Roku.

We are honored to be a member of Sound Hub Denmark and are looking forward to participating in this inspiring environment while supporting Denmark’s strong audio heritage and thriving acoustics ecosystem.

‘As a leading streaming platform and provider of innovative sound solutions designed to provide inspiring home theater audio, Roku is a welcome addition to the Sound Hub,’ said Peter Petersen, CEO of Sound Hub Denmark.

Having Roku’s participation further adds to our mission to become a world-leading innovation hub for companies and individuals exploring and leading the way in the domains of sound and acoustics.

About Roku

Roku pioneered streaming to the TV. They connect users to the streaming content they love, enable content publishers to build and monetize large audiences, and provide advertisers with unique capabilities to engage consumers. Roku streaming players and TV-related audio devices are available in the U.S. and in select countries through direct retail sales and licensing arrangements with service operators. Roku TV™ models are available in the U.S. and in select countries through licensing arrangements with TV OEM brands. Roku is headquartered in San Jose, California, U.S.A.

Roku is a registered trademark and Roku TV is a trademark of Roku, Inc. in the U.S. and in other countries.

Nordic Podcast Academy broadens the sound perspective 

At Sound Hub Denmark, we take a broad perspective on sound and acoustics. It is not just about technology, speakers, and music – it’s also about silence, noise, welfare, media, communication, art, entertainment and much more, when establishing a learning community for sound businesses of tomorrow.

This is why Sound Hub Denmark decided to house activities such as the Nordic Podcast Academy, established in partnership with Struer Municipality, the Danish School of Media and Journalism and Dorte Palle and Tor Arnbjørn, both former managers at DR, Danish Broadcasting Corporation. All courses and educations are facilitated by the partners together with sound designer Jesper Lundager from City of Sound. The partnership is united by a shared objective to create an international Nordic anchored platform for new talents, journalists, and media professionals.

The Nordic Podcast Academy is an initiative to extend the strong position of sound in Denmark building on a long and strong tradition of deep interviews and storytelling on-air, but never before with a formal educational program and talent scouting dedicated to the podcasting media.

Good podcasting – a skill to be learned

Although many podcasts sound like they are a conversation without preparation, storytelling and production quality should not be underestimated, states co-founder of Nordic Podcast Academy Dorte Palle.

Good podcasting is much more than someone turning on a microphone – rather, it is a carefully scheduled narrative in an environment that inspires the listener. We offer courses in both Danish and English. You can attend talent camps, production courses, take a diploma graduate course or get professional sparring and feedback on your podcasts.

Podcasts for informative amusement

Podcasts have enjoyed massive success in recent years and have seen rapid growth in reach and usage, attracting a younger audience. It fills out a void, and heavy users tend to be 15 to 31 years old.

It is mainly about content, but the form needs to be considered to deliver the content and catch the listener’s attention. As opposed to nearly all other media, podcasts are characterised by being almost inherently long form. On average, podcasts are at least 30 minutes long, and many are much longer. Most podcasts are knowledge-based and give audiences the possibility to take deep dives into specific areas and topics. This allows publishers to communicate advanced information and nuanced messages, which would often be close to impossible on other platforms.

When asked what they prefer to listen to, most listeners settle on ‘informative amusement’ as their preferred content characteristic.

Sequential loyal listeners

Podcasting is not a platform or channel of communication that substitutes existing media channels. It is a new tool expanding the connection to audiences. In recent years, the serial nature of podcasts has become the standard modus of listening.

Hardly anyone listens to single episodes. This means podcasts should be produced in series. Some of the most successful podcasts have published several hundred episodes,

according to Tor Arnbjørn, co-founder of Nordic Podcast Academy.

There is a huge loyalty between audiences and podcasters. Once listeners are hooked, a majority will continue to listen to episode after episode over several months. Therefore, podcasts should be given time to succeed, and many listeners tend to “back listen” in their podcast feeds once they discover a new podcast.

 CEO Sound Hub Denmark Peter Petersen further adds:

We see the Nordic Podcast Academy as a great supplement for story tellers interested in using sound and media on relevant topics. The educational environment for sound communication; in this case podcasting – is a perfect addition to the business and development activities running in our exceptional facilities for sound innovation.

About Nordic Podcast Academy

Nordic Podcast Academy wants to be the top place for education in podcasting in the Nordic countries, providing the best teachers, activities, and facilities for podcast courses targeting people on different levels of experience and knowledge. Podcasting is an international type of content with a Nordic profile. The goal is that it will become a centre of education directed at participants from the entire Nordic region and broader international relations. At the premises of Sound Hub Denmark, Nordic Podcast Academy becomes part of existing international sound development and innovative environment with access to world-class facilities and a professional sound network.

150 students have since 2019 been part of a camp, course, or education.

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