A unique position in the world of sound attracts groundbreaking international micro-speaker start-up to Struer  

SonicEdge – an Israeli start-up working in high-quality MEMS silicon speakers – has just established a Danish business unit at Sound Hub Denmark in Struer.   

The market for silicon speakers – so-called Micro Electro Mechanical System (MEMS) speakers – shows excellent potential and exponential growth. The technology is specifically suited for hearing aids, headsets, true wireless earphones (TWS) and the so-called hearables. 

So far, we have only seen very few providers of this innovative and disruptive technology, introducing significantly smaller, more energy-efficient and robust speaker solutions without compromising on sound quality.  

Such a game changing speaker is being developed by SonicEdge using modulated ultrasound to generate high quality sound from the world’s smallest speaker – a company with now also a Danish business unit registered.  

Moving closer to customers and suppliers

Establishing a Danish business unit serves many different purposes: Securing access to some of the audio specialists Denmark has fostered; and benefitting from the support of the unique ecosystem that Sound Hub provides in business development and technology.   

We already have Danish investors and key competencies associated. Opening a business unit at Sound Hub Denmark is a natural next step to expand and get closer to our customers and partners in Denmark. To establish a business unit in this unique development cluster and get access to the resources, competencies and matchmaking possibilities which Sound Hub Denmark provides is unique and perfect for us,  

according to Director of SonicEdge Joel Beilin, who has been working with Oticon and Siemens.

Denmark is an active choice

The establishment of a business unit in Denmark and within the EU and the ability to be part of a dedicated sound environment in Sound Hub Denmark is an active choice, states the founders Ari Mizrachi and Moti Margalit from Israel:  

There are so many good reasons for doing business in Denmark. We find wonderful people with an amazingly open culture for collaboration and knowledge sharing. A labour market with a highly developed technological infrastructure makes it attractive to do business here. We can find investors who genuinely understand our business, audio companies, which potentially can become future customers, and universities with audio technology as their primary focus. This means we can access the newest know-how and potentially highly qualified employees.   

The world’s smallest loudspeaker
– groundbreaking technology

SonicEdge is currently developing their state-of-the art Speaker-In-Chip solutions as the world’s smallest loudspeaker. A paradigm shift for the way we make sound, based on an exceptional and patented sound technology. Its ultra-compact and unique sound quality positions it as the next generation in micro-speakers for headphones, in-ears and other portable audio products.   

Since our first dialogue with SonicEdge more than two years ago, we can see a remarkable increase in market interest for small and more energy efficient technologies. This trend makes SonicEdge a perfect match for the Sound Hub community. We see a mutual benefit of having SonicEdge represented at our premises,  

CEO of Sound Hub Denmark Peter Petersen explains.

Looking for employees

SonicEdge has several patents which protect the technology, providing them with a unique performance among providers of micro-speakers. They differentiate on mainly on footprint, robustness, and power consumption. The company has activities in Israel and is currently looking for employees to build up the Danish R&D department.   


About SonicEdge
SonicEdge has developed a groundbreaking Speaker-In-Chip solution specifically designed to deliver a unique audio experience. This breakthrough exploits a patented sound design based on ultrasound technology, MEMS-chip design and implementation combined with a new approach to generating sound. Its ultra-compact sizes and amazing sound quality positions this solution as next generation speakers for earphones and other audio applications. The company grows with exponential speed. We have a team of highly qualified employees, great market feedback and POC from various large players in the market and numerous patents and investments from leading industrialists. With us, the future sounds fantastic.  

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