Test and evaluation facilities

Lab facilities

  • Speaker measuring lab
  • Audio specification lab
  • Listening rooms
  • Accredited EMC lab
  • Safety lab
  • HALT (highly accelerated life test)
  • Climate stress test lab
  • Mechanical stress test lab
  • The Cubes
  • Robustness lab 
Create your prototype in Sound Hubs many workshops. Use the prototyping workshops to undertake electrical or mechanical construction. There are prototyping workshops to undertake electrical or mechanical construction. Electronics, wood, metal and 3D print workshops are available
The Cube  
Measure your sound in one of the largest privately owned electro-acoustic measuring facility in the world nick-named ‘THE CUBE.’ The Cube is 12x12x12 m3 and you measure free field 360 degrees, amplitude and phase response, power response and sound pressure levels.
Robustness lab  
Can your product stand the pace? Use Sound Hub Denmarks temperature and humidity chambers, solar and UV chamber, smoke chamber, vibration, bump and shock tests to test your products robustness.
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Accredited EMC lab 
Avoid unnecessary noise. Test of basic EMC standards such as radiated and conducted emissions and immunity, fast transients and surges, electrostatic discharge, mains harmonics, voltage dips and interruptions.
Audio specification lab 
Get the right sound. You can measure and test audio distortion, total harmonic distortion, intermodulation distortion, noise, signal to noise ratio, dynamic range, frequency response, crosstalk and channel separation, impedance etc. in Sound Hub Denmarks audio specification lab.

Climate / Mechanical test rooms

  • Sun Aging / UV Test
  • Transport Test
  • Climate Chambers
  • Temperature Test Chambers
  • Freezer
  • Bump Test
  • Drop Test
  • Vibrator/shaker
  • Transportation Simulators
  • Power Test room
  • The Quiet Room
Listening rooms  
Lean back and enjoy the sound. Sound Hub Denmark has two standard listening rooms obeying the IEC 268-13 standard. The standard defines the physical conditions for listening tests – the room and its acoustical properties, the loudspeaker and listener positions, level settings etc.
Power test room  
Blow it up! Right next to the Cube is a heavily soundproofed room where speakers and drivers are tested to destruction, as a check on their ultimate power handling capacity. Monotonous test signals are played continuously 24 hours a day.
Quiet Room  
Find the sound of nothing. Even the weakest hum in a product or click in a loudspeaker affects the performance and needs to be found. They can be intercepted and removed in a cellar deep underground – the so-called Quiet Room.
Climate Chambers 
High quality chambers available; no: 266, 268 etc.
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Bump Test 
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Sun Aging / UV Test 
Suntest XLS+
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Transport Tests 
Transport simulators for different box sizes and weight; e.g. Big, etc.