What’s the program offer of the SoundTech Accelerator?

The program and stay at Sound Hub Denmark will let you deep dive into sound relevant business and technical issues. Unconditional support from sound industry experts, talks, workshops, tech visits and 1:1 mentoring will shape the days. Expect guidance, help and tools tailored for you. 

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Expect to be challenged

The program will ensure to put you in the front seat of your own growth on both product development and business opportunities.

Expext the following from the program:

  • 1:1 guidance and support from reknowned industry professionals
  • Access to world-class facilities to develop and mature your product / solution
  • Consultation with industry-leading sound specialists
  • Validation of your assumptions and wishes for the whole value chain
  • Tools and methods enabling your team to solve the challenges you face now and in the near future
  • Training to build and strengthen your team’s competencies
  • Inspiration obtained from coworking alongside other sound professionals
  • Pitch towards relevant investors and collaboration partners
  • Incubation in the world’s first sound tech & innovation hub (optional)
    – and so much more
Hands-on guidance

Expect to taken by the hand, when we unfold relevant toolbox elements for YOUR business. Obtain professional individual hand-on guidance within the following areas:

  • Sustainable Product Design
  • Agile Development processes
  • Patents & IP
  • Product & Feature roadmaps
  • Sound Design & Perception
  • Quality & Reliability
  • Sales & Distribution channels
  • Marketing & On-line presence
  • Supply Chain management
  • Globalisation & Ecosystem support (e.g. Why Denmark?)
Camps and in-person workshops

The SoundTech Accelerator Program consist of 3 camps of 3 days each during a 6 month period. Camps, where we expect your team to join in-person to learn from the lectures, industry professionals and deep dive workshops tailored for your needs. The overall camp structure being:

  • CAMP 1: A Sound Product
    with focus on your Value Proposition and Market Validation
  • CAMP 2: The value of Sound
    with focus on your Go To Market and Investment Plan
  • CAMP 3: A Sustainable business
    with focus on your Team Diversity & Pitch Form

Prior to the first camp, we will introduce you to Business Model Canvassing during an on-line Camp 0.
A consistent tool, which will be refined and validated during the program.

1:1 coaching & mentoring sessions

Every camp includes 1:1 coaching & mentoring sessions, where we specifically focus only on your challenges and nexts within the following areas:

  • Go-to-market & Partnerships 
  • Business & Funding 
  • Product Technology & Development Processes

On top of the individual camp sessions, you will be offered inbetween calls.

One size fits all?

We don’t believe in that. Whether you are an entrepreneur who just designed your prototype or a startup with multiple employees already selling a product there is a place for you at Sound Hub.


Did you know.. (blot så I kan se muligheder for deep dives, de viste skal dog ikke fremgå...)

Free desks & meeting rooms 
New startups at Sound Hub can qualify for free desks, meeting rooms and relevant services for the first 6 months of residency. Reach out to find out, if this could be you.
Individual 1:1 meetings and support 
The Sound Hub team, coworkers, partners and network are available for individual guidance and support on sound relevant topics; as well as business plans, forming the right team, founding a legal business unit, funding applications, finding the right collaborations partners and other 1:1 matchmakings.
Specialist review & introductions 
We might call in a specialist review board from Bang & Olufsen, Harman, GN Audio (Jabra), Scan-Speak or other partners. Introductions are also offered to other partners outside the sound industry for assistance on e.g. design, concept, product development, production and/or on sales.
Specialist review & introductions
Free access to world class test & evaluation facilities 
Free access to Makerspace facilities offered. In addition specialists and sound professionals will be available to assist you in tests and evaluations.
Voucher for 10 hours of consultancy  
All newly registered CVRs at our hub are offered start-up help. Get free hours of professional consulting within e.g. accounting, legislation, sales strategy, marketing, SoMe execution, quality or reliability services. Tell us your needs, then we'll find the right match to the business scaling you aim for.
Invitations for learning events or pitches 
Tailored workshops and events are arranged with inspiring key note speakers on concept creation, listening tests, electronic supplies, design for manufacturing and business models. These and pitch events are all arranged specifically for you and the coworkers in our startup community.

Join and get access to

Coworking Space

Network and work with sound and audio professionals from startups, SMEs and corporates, students and researchers. Stimulate your sound innovation in a collaborative environment. Pitch your business for investors.

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Build your concept, prototype or product in our workshops, acquire supplementary skills from the the nearby complementary craft cluster and test and evaluate in the unique test facilities together with leading specialists.

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Learning Space

Gain knowledge from co-workers, industry professionals, specialists and researchers. Enter mentor relations and upgrade your skills through training, seminars, courses, master classes and events. Business startup training is offered.

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Join us 
Whether you are a single entrepreneur who just defined your concept idea or a startup with multiple employees already selling a product there is a place for you at Sound Hub.
We love to talk!

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